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TIF Season 2

Episode 4: Fujiwara san, Otsuri and Casting

Episode 3: First Ever Coffee Break Edition - Isaac and the Big Iwana

Episode 2 (Fear the Nylon Level Line!)

Episode 1 (Yamada san, Shokuryoshi, Kebari & Karasu Aftermath)


TIF Season 1

Episode 1 (Ishigaki Onstream)

Access Dr Ishigaki's Onstream Video Masterclass

Get My Ishigaki Technical Breakdown Notes

Episode 2 (Tenkara Manipulation Tactics)


Get PG's Premium Tenkara Manipulation Video Download


Download PG's Premium Tenkara Manipulations 41-page E-book


Episode 3 (Kura-san One-to-One)


Click to Get Kura-san's Masterclass Bundle

Episode 4 (Go Ishii nylon line mastery)


Download Go Ishii's Masterclass Bundle

Episode 5 (Discover Tenkara)


$1 Super Sampler Video + E-book

Episode 6 (The Italians are Coming! & Elite Nymph Tactics)

Get Takakashi-san's Elite Nymph-fishing Masterclass

Episode 7 (Masami Tenkara-no-Oni Masterclass)


Download Masami's Complete Masterclass Bundle

Episode 8 (Japanese Adventures & USB Flash Drive Media)


Magic Buy Everything on USB button ($dollars)

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Full USB Flash Drive Content Breakdown (What are you Missing?)

Here are the full details of the unique lessons, tactics, fly-patterns and secret techniques from our premium content from Season 1.

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The Online Episodes and the Premium Download/USB media have cost Me and JP tens of thousands of pounds to capture and produce - but even if it was only for our personal use, the results have been easily worth it. Our enjoyment and success on stream has been transformed by the lessons, tactics, stories and philosophy that we can now carry with us when we fish.

The fact that you can instantly benefit from this authentic source material from some of the best anglers on the planet for such a small cost we absolutely know that this is a fantastic deal. 

Invest in yourself and the quality of your time on-stream - because for a true angler, there's nothing more valuable.



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