4 CommentsMonday, 15 April 2019  |  Paul G
Tenkara Nymphing Secrets from the Source

Tenkara Nymphing is a subject that needs careful treatment - but that opens up a lot of potential for your river fishing

1 CommentTuesday, 26 March 2019  |  Paul G
Tenkara Tippet Length

Different tenkara tippet lengths will do different things for your fishing. Here's a quick guide to understanding the ways you can use tippet length to your advantage

4 CommentsMonday, 25 March 2019  |  Paul G
Tenkara Level Line Length

Choosing the right length of tenkara level line is an essential skill - but how do you do it?

Friday, 22 March 2019  |  Paul G
Fly Tying

Whether you're a returning tyer, an existing expert or just about to get started in Fly Tying, here's a guide to get you inspired and on the right track"

4 CommentsFriday, 15 March 2019  |  Paul G
Fly Tying Books

Paul dissects the best fly tying books available whatever your current tying level - even if that is "I never picked up a bobbin holder in my life before"

6 CommentsFriday, 8 March 2019  |  Paul G
Best Trout Fishing in Idaho

Idaho Future Fly Shop Owner Daniel Butsick breaks down his "Best Trout Fishing in Idaho" for you with some awesome pictures and advice to find wild fishing away from the mainstream crowds

20 CommentsFriday, 15 February 2019  |  Paul G
Fly Tying Vise Deep-Dive Guide

Do you know your material springs from your tension screws? Our guide to finding your perfect fly tying vise - including videos, tying tips and a complete rundown of vise components and designs

22 CommentsFriday, 1 February 2019  |  Paul G

Each year the British Fly Fair International hosts a massive lineup of the world's best fly tyers and puts on an array of great demonstrations, talks, huge tyers row exhibition and halls of trade and charity stands from the fly fishing world

10 CommentsSunday, 30 December 2018  |  Paul G
Trout Flies

A guide that cuts through the bewildering number of different trout fly patterns and schools of tying…Helping you to decide what to buy or what to tie - with secrets from some of today’s best tiers and anglers

Tuesday, 11 December 2018  |  Paul G
Biology of Fly Fishing Part 4 - Final Piece

The final part of our Fly Fishing Biohacks Series - Introducing the Special Membership Site

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