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Karasu by Discover Tenkara

Karasu by Discover Tenkara
Karasu by Discover TenkaraKarasu by Discover TenkaraKarasu by Discover Tenkara
Karasu by Discover TenkaraKarasu by Discover TenkaraKarasu by Discover Tenkara
Our Price:  £375.00
Collapsed Length: 22" (56cm)
Full Length: 11 ft 10" (360) or 13ft 1" (400) 
Action: Tip Focused Progressive
Weight: 360: 3oz (85g)  400: 3.4oz (96g)

Handle Length /

12" (31cm) Contoured high-density EVA

Number of Sections: 8 (360) 9 (400)


Karasu tenkara rods by Discover Tenkara: our attempt to produce the best combination of light line casting performance, hook-set and sensitivity. Available in 360cm and 400cm models. But instead of the usual self-written promotional speak, I thought you might value the opinion of one of the world's best tenkara anglers - Kazumi Saigo (aka "Ajari"). Myself and JP were bowled over when he described the Karasu 360 as the best 3.6-m rod in the world...

"I have acquired the much talked about new tenkara rods, Karasu 360, & 400...

The Karasu 360 is very much compatible with Japanese mountain streams and the rod performs tremendously well from casting, line control, hook setting to landing. It is a very well-designed rod.

I believe this is the best 3.6m rod currently in production.

I will use the 360 as my main rod from now on, and hope to study it more.

On a recent outing when I had with fish on, I noticed that the bend on 360 is nice and gradual, without the tip section bouncing, so it allowed me to control the fish well. I believe this also leads better hook sets and less fish loss.

Because it is so well balanced, I think anyone from a beginner to an expert would enjoy fishing with the 360.

And the 4.0m, I thought would be a little over-powering for most fish in Japan, but if you enjoy fishing for larger trout, this rod would certainly shine there.

With its strength, the 4.0m would allow you to play and keep the fish in one spot, not allowing the fish to play you.

On this outing, I caught a 30cm Iwana, and the rod did not bounce or wobble - I felt no problems or faults.

This rod has a lot of power. On softer rods it can be difficult to control bigger fish, but I was able to take this one in without worries and it was a joy.

Both 360 and 400 have good “sensitivity”, and I enjoyed the feeling of casting and landing fish with both of them.

I’m still new to these rods, and I think there’s much more they can do than I know yet. I look to maximize the potential of Karasu and discover more wonderful trout in the future"

Kazumi Saigo

You should probably know that Saigo-san is the Japanese fishing magazine's secret weapon. As well as always delivering the promised captures for photographers in his own articles - he is also called first by leading members of the tenkara community for advice on where and how to catch particular fish for their own articles! 


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