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If you’d like to take control of your results when fishing nymphs on rivers, then this will be the most valuable thing you read today…

Here’s a short list of some of the secrets you will get from what me and JP discovered on the streams where the astonishing, world-beating methods of European competition nymphing were developed:

  • Marksman accuracy for placing your nymphs in the hotspots preferred by the biggest fish (without getting snagged and wasting time breaking off and re-tying flies)
  • 3 magic trick methods that let you sink your fly deep on demand (without changing your fly)
  • How to make your nymphs instantly “come alive” to wake up reluctant fish
  • The overlooked, “oddball” method for efficiently covering featureless runs using nymphs AND streamers on a French leader rig
  • Step by step breakdowns of:
    • Czech short-line tactics (with special “induced take upgrades” that extend the basics given in our free email lessons)
    • Tweaked rigs and specialised flies developed for extra-powerful rivers (with specific, separate, rigs developed to let you master big Scottish and Slovenian rivers)
    • How to fine tune your dropper spacing and length for “hair-trigger” sensitivity bite detection
    • When (and Why) to use the heaviest fly on the point or on the dropper position (this one tip transforms your success when you know how to use the direction of the flow to choose your rig)
    • A Quirky “old-school” dropper fly choice used on a tweaked “trio” rig that emerger- feeding fish can’t seem to resist (and which works wonders on drowned-spinner-feeding fish too)
  • How and Why to master old-fashioned upstream nymphing so that you can multiply your success when using French nymphing tactics (and so you can easily and effectively cover a nymphing run by making just one simple fly change if you are having a mostly “dry-fly day”)
  • Specialised French-leader rigs that use dropper-spacing to change the “angle of attack” of your flies
  • Rigging methods for “duo” and “trio” tactics (and the kiss of death error that instantly destroys the most effective part of those methods)...PLUS
  • 10 rock-solid, proven fly patterns that cover a vast range of fishing scenarios (photographed in fine detail and supplied with all dressing details so you can’t go wrong)
  • Clear, easy-to-follow diagrams that give you the methods and rigs used by the most successful and confident nymph anglers in the world

This is all contained within the downloadable pdf e-book “Handbook of European Nymph Fishing: The Simple Path To Mastery” and it is now available as part of an amazing package of downloads that gel together to form a complete Fast Track to Nymphing Mastery Course (totaling 5 x video chapters and 4 x pdf publications). 

The package has options to buy as a complete bundle OR it is available as some (but not all) of the separate components (the options are listed at the bottom of this page).

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But where did this unbelievable insider secret info actually come from (and how can you easily benefit from it)? 

Here’s what you should know:

  • As usual we’ve fallen on a big fat slice of dumb luck by being so obsessed with fishing that, over time, we couldn’t help bumping into some amazing anglers as we were learning the ropes…
  • That obsession eventually also lead us to experience the wonderful fishing on rivers in the Czech Republic like the Vltava, Otava, Kamenice and Jizera – places where many of these methods were invented and then HONED to perfection. And, combined with extensive experiments and practice on our home rivers over many years, we were able to develop a fantastic toolbox of proven tactics.

You might also wonder if the information in this book is actually adding something new or useful to what is already out there? Well, this is the biggest fear that you have to overcome as an author (before you even put pen to paper…).

  • What convinced me to go ahead was when I realised that just the information in the single “Ninja Secrets” chapter alone more than justifies the entire price of entry...
  • It contains tactical tweaks that nobody else that I know of has ever published before – and it is full of the kind of closely-guarded secrets that the best competition anglers in the world use to gain their unfair advantages over everyone else.

Because of the length of the list above I can understand if you feel that the advice will be either overwhelming or “Only useful for the Hot-shots”…Well, the good news is that you can easily add these tactics one at a time. Each one will raise your chances and your confidence (you don’t need to have absolutely everything nailed down to perfection before you start enjoying results).

In fact, by following only two or three of the suggested tactics and tips you could easily double your usual success on both tough and easy days on stream.

But I also understand if looking to improve your catch success on stream is not of interest to you – if that’s the case then this course is not for you.

You see, the PDF-format Handbook of European Nymph Fishing is just 106 pages long and it includes a lot of diagrams and photos; making it super easy to digest. We also include several short stories as a fun way to prove how we discovered and tested different methods at home and abroad. You’ll probably find that stories are the most relaxed way of learning without effort (and without realising it!).

By now you might be thinking “yeah, OK, what’s this going to cost me?” I hear you – so let me explain why we use the external “Gumroad” platform for our downloadable products…

Because Gumroad is a large platform that sells digital content that is created by its users, it processes vast amounts of secure transactions each day (they have processed sales of over $60-million for their users so far). That means we never see or process any of your card or other payment details and Gumroad’s secure payment system is completely dedicated to the safety and security of your transactions.

Gumroad also only charges a fee when a sale is made – and it does not have extortionate fees for large-bandwidth products like HD videos…(which will become relevant as you read below…)

This means we can pass impressive savings on to you.

In fact the Gumroad charging policy is why we are able to offer our specialist and exclusive PDF E-book publication “Handbook of European Nymph Fishing: The Simple Path To Mastery” for only  £11.99 or $14.79 (+VAT in eligible countries) and still have a viable product for our business.


But DON’T buy it just yet!


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You need to understand the full package - ESPECIALLY the “Black-box recording” Video section of the Fast Track to Nymphing Mastery Course…How so?

Because these videos offer a complete walk-through of – not only the step-by-step tying of the killer fly patterns themselves - but a full explanation of my “Functional Nymph Design and Fishing System”. 

This can quickly transform your success on stream – AND YET, these videos came SO CLOSE to never making it into the light of day…

The footage comes from a private fly tying and tuition evening that I gave to a small, exclusive audience. The only reason I had pressed “record” during my fly tying and fishing tactics workshop was to stop the camera and big TV screen rig shutting down part way through each of my presentation demos… 

Then I almost deleted the footage without watching it…

Then JP needed to perform magic to recover the audio…

But now – against all odds - it exists as a permanent record.

So, with all the problems, it is almost a miracle that this video is now available which gives you:

  • A complete demonstration of the “functional fly” concept that has WAY more effect on your chances of catching fish than common “close-copy” approaches
  • Audience discussions that drew out many more secrets than I’d intended to give away at the beginning of the night
  • Five proven, astonishingly effective fly patterns that are easy to match to specific conditions on stream (and how to use them)
  • Our secret “weighted anchor-hackle nymph” dressing style used in an overlooked and deadly technique smuggled out of Japan and adapted for conditions of strong wind and complex currents which frustrate many good fly anglers
  • Full dressing demonstrations so that you can include each performance feature into any of your flies whenever you choose (from streamlined/fast-sinking, quick-tie mobility, hot-spots, high contrast, extreme mobility, current-grabbing “anchoring” in weighted and unweighted sunk flies and many insider tips on how to include those functions in your fishing).
  • Unique chance to walk through some of the most important and effective tactics and concepts in the European Nymph Fishing E-book in a live tying demonstration…

I have fast come to think of this unique insider video as like an accidental “black-box recording” of an exclusive private demonstration of what I now know to be truly outstanding fish-catching concepts using simple nymph patterns.


Again, you can see the options to buy this separately (at the bottom of this page), or as part of the Power Bundle.

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But there are Even More Unfair Advantages included in your bundle that you need to check out:

Because you also get the 2 x Collectors’ edition “Western Fly Fishing Essentials E-Course Parts I and II” e-books

These two 70+ page pdf downloads nail down:

  • An extended, proven structure for reading the water for each specific fishing method (locking you in on the “sweet spot” for each specific nymph fishing method)
  • Exactly how to time and position your drifts to maximize your catch rate
  • The mindset that makes learning and using all the material in this entire bundle easy and automatic (this shockingly overlooked aspect of fishing holds the key to some of the fastest and biggest leaps in your results on stream)

Don’t underestimate the value of the multiplier effect that the Western Fly Fishing Essentials E-Course has when it is combined with the Handbook AND the Video Course elements. Together, this forms an incredibly powerful and unique path to predictably take control of your success with nymph fishing.

And Yet SOMEHOW I’ve saved the most powerful part of the bundle until last…

This is my “Magic Bullet Method for Selecting Nymph-fishing Rigs, Nymphs & Locations”. 


My Magic Bullet Method takes just 8 pages to show you how to use some disarmingly simple ideas to COMPLETELY transform the way you read the water (and give you a unique tactic that I’ve held back until you’ve mastered the other tactics in the Fast Track To Nymphing Mastery Power Bundle)

The whole approach is based on simple facts like:

  • Fish follow their food.

Now before you call me Captain Obvious

  • The bugs that fish eat ALSO follow their own food
  • The location of those primary food sources changes depending on the how and where sunlight is being used by different types of plant to produce sugars (stay with me on this…it becomes very simple!)
  • There is a simple set of pointers that ANYONE can use to track down fish by understanding their main food sources throughout the fishing year

Once you know the simple mechanics of how that works, then you have a huge advantage in finding feeding fish to target AND THE 8-PAGE MAGIC BULLET METHOD PDF ruthlessly breaks down this fantastic method for choosing how and where to fish specific nymph patterns into a stunningly simple cheat sheet.

WARNING: Because it relies on the knowledge and skills that you'll automatically absorb from the rest of the Power Bundle, this Magic Bullet method will NOT be available as a standalone product outside the full bundle.

It also contains three bonus fly patterns that let you take advantage of a completely new tactic that is not covered in the Nymphing Handbook or in the Western Course PDFs or Black Box video recordings – so it is an incredibly valuable addition to the full package.

We know from the dramatic improvement in results and transformation in confidence that our clients experience just how effective the contents of this Fast Track To Mastery course are. So, if you are ready to start reaping the benefits on stream (I guarantee your fishing buddies will be astonished with your results as you add each of these skills to your armoury).

When you realise that, even on very competitively-priced online sites, half a dozen packets each of tungsten beads and hooks will cost you more than the price of this entire bundle; you can really see just how much bang you are getting for your buck in this package. 

And if you’d like to hear about the results that people who’ve used the content of the Handbook of European Nymphing, here’s what your fellow anglers have had to say after just a short time trying out the tactics they’ve picked up so far:

If I'd had access to this information when I picked up a fly rod for the first time thirty five years ago, it would of saved me decades of dead ends and unfruitful learning experiences.”

Drew Hill, Staffordshire, UK

"Hi Paul. Went fishing today, and used a couple of the things i read in your book. Definitely caught a couple more that I would not have in the past. Thanks!"

Gijsbert Hoogendoorn Johannesburg, South Africa

"The book is great, as are your email tutorials - they're making fishing a whole lot more interesting and successful

Best wishes"

Jeremy L, West Yorks. UK

"The e-book is excellent and I shall be reading it often in the next few weeks.

Best wishes"

Bob Male, Wiltshire UK

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Black Box Nymph Patterns: Tying Demo and Fishing Instruction MP4 video in 5 Chapters (£GBP)


Western Fly Fishing Essentials E-Course Part I ($USD)

Western Fly Fishing Essentials E-Course Part I (£GBP)


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