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Manipulations Volume 1 - The Illusion of Life in Fly Fishing


New for 2019!


Bring your fly-box to life with tried and tested fly manipulation tactics known as “sasoi”. By controlling and changing the enticing movements that you add to your dry flies, nymphs, streamers and Japanese kebari, you can turn unresponsive fish into memorable captures. We’ve seen this happen time and time again from water that appeared “dead” when approached with a range of standard tactics.

The restrictions imposed by stripped-down tackle in tenkara have forced the most successful Japanese anglers to devise systems of creating the illusion of life in their simple kebari fly-patterns. Most “Western” fly fishers either don’t know about these tactics – or dismiss them as irrelevant.
Naturally, these tactics are ESSENTIAL for anyone who hopes to succeed with a tenkara rod.

BUT the multiple fish capture demonstrations using each tactic in this video feature western fly rod & reel tackle as well as Japanese tenkara gear…

So does it make sense to ignore the magical boost these techniques can add to ANY and ALL flies in your collection (whatever model of fly rod you are using)?

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