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Number 3 Nylon Level Line (experts only)

Number 3 Nylon Level Line (experts only)
Our Price:  £3.99

Nylon level line in the Japanese #3 size is extremely difficult to cast and is useless in anything above a slight breeze.

So why would you ever want to use it?

Well, if you have a rod that’s up to the job (you know, like the Karasu!) and learn to cast well it offers incredibly soft touchdown of your fly. Also, it lets you get a more “true” dead drift for your fly by matching the pace and also direction of the current more closely with “all casting line held off the water” tactics.

You’ll notice from the drop down menu below that it’s available in multiple options.

  • The ready-made (unspooled) lines come with an arbor knot ready to attach to lilian and stop knot ready to attach tippet
  • The 12-m lines are spooled onto funky black “Karasu” line-holders & are designed to be cut to custom lengths to suit your own fishing needs. For example, one 12-m line will provide:
    • 4.5-m, 4.0-m & 3.5-m lines – or…
    • 4.5-m fishing line and a 7.5-m practice line

The lines supplied on Karasu spools also entitle you to join the “Karasu Owners’” Facebook group on this link:

Click the dropdown menu at the top of the page to view all options.

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