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The Complete Tenkara Master Experience at the hands of a Professional "Shokuryoshi" with a 50-year Career as a "Survival" Fly Fisher in Japan

The Boy who finally outgrew his Father's shadow to take over as his region's most respected professional angler - catching trout and char to order has a trick or two to teach us "sport" fly fishers...

Now in a 10-piece downloadable bundle Hirata-san can show you:

  • How to create your own perfectly "balanced" horse-hair fly line in about 20 minutes (from scratch and without any special tools)
  • How to tie brilliantly-effective flies without a bobbin, without a vice and only using a cutting blade to trim the end of the thread when finished (includes diagrams of the special knots and whipping that make this technique work)
  • Choosing where in the fish's mouth and how to best set the hook to REDUCE the number of fish you lose during play
  • Drawing fish up to your fly where you can watch them take it (a very satisfying way to improve bite detection!)
  • Tying just a handful of fly patterns and how bring them to LIFE with skilful presentation (each fly with a particular “job” that they do)
  • Making the line and rod work together AND work with your grip and arm position to create accurate casts and enticing fly manipulations – these are the most satisfying sensations in fly fishing and tenkara
  • Getting your flies and presentations to stand out from those of the Average Joe (just by making small tweaks to the way things are usually done)
  • Selecting an effective fly pattern by looking AT THE RIVERBED and then LOOKING AT THE SKY to choose the shade of body
  • You'll also learn the story of Hirata-san's "Mamushi" snake-skin kebari and catching 109 fish on it in a day after years of testing with his many students

Learning these practical skills mean that you can enjoy some wonderful benefits:

  • Belonging to a tradition and an extended community who have practised these skills for generations (and the unique connection that is only possible people who share that understanding)
  • Having complete confidence in a strong collection of unique and sometimes strange skills (like using the colours of the sky or the riverbed to guide fly choice!). Conjuring fish up using those techniques offers a very satisfying connection with the natural world
  • The satisfaction of being able to make and fine-tune tackle from scratch in a similar way to any of our ancient ancestors who used those tools to survive (and especially being able to pass on that ability to other anglers and our children)
  • Being recognised and admired as a skilled angler and tackle-maker has its own satisfaction too (just make sure to not let it go to your head! Having your kids or grand-kids and friends look up to you is definitely a powerful ego boost)
  • Enjoying time on stream to the full: a lifetime spent in and around rivers, watching and fishing intently is a fine thing (and being able to work on our skills even when we can’t fish helps to make the absolute best of that precious time on stream)...
  • And much more besides...


There is a 60-day refund policy on this 10-piece bundle, so there's no risk to trying it out.

Buy Complete Hirata san Bundle