Go Ishii On Stream Masterclass

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Join Alan, Neil & Chris as they get a privileged personal masterclass from top Japanese tenkara practitioner Go Ishii covering the tactics, casting and line-control for tackling the most difficult, high-pressure rivers in Japan – and around the world.


In addition to the tactics and information in the Insider Notes PDF for his demo, Go's Video Lesson shows you:

  • How to cast to the perfect “sweet spot” distance that prevents your fly dragging back towards you when it lands on the surface (keeping all the benefits of tenkara’s ultra-light touchdown of your fly at range)
  • Where to aim for delicacy – and where to aim to produce an attention-grabbing “splat” of your fly (and when you should use each of those tactics!)
  • How to work downstream “luring” fly manipulations and ride the most productive features in the current – even when you are casting UPSTREAM in the main flow (this is the skill of “working” complex eddies)
  • Actual demonstrations of the casting strokes and line control that solve the problem of side-winds AND cross-current drag for presentations at any angle to the current (including “up and across”, “across” and “down and across” - DRAG-FREE & MANIPULATED)
  • How to manufacture a downstream presentation (and the control of drift-pace that comes with that) even when obstacles to your back-cast mean you can only cast out, across the stream…

All this is delivered in relaxed, unassuming simple language along with real-time practical demonstrations on-stream in incredibly challenging conditions.

It will arm you with those invaluable techniques that let you catch fish when others fail and give you confidence on tough rivers and picky fish. These are the previously unpublished, unfair advantages that the best tenkara anglers in the world have developed in their collaborative “workshops” on Japan’s toughest, crystal clear and unforgiving rivers.

We know from our own experiences just how valuable these tactics are for trout around the world outside of Japan. Isn’t it time you added those same advantages to your tenkara skill-set?

P.S. Go's Quick-Fire Tips are instant improvements you can make to your understanding and enjoyment. These are taken from dozens of conversations we've shared with Go since 2014.

BUT You need to Combine Go's Video Lesson with My Notes to Get the Full Effect:

Clear text and diagrams in my PDF technical breakdown let you discover Go’s secrets of:

  • How to catch difficult fish from difficult current-seams using a downstream approach (you’ll need special line-control tactics for this)
  • Learn how to position your line to fish downstream, straight-line dead drift even when casting across the stream (this aerial “set-up” tactic makes sure your fly is fishing effectively the instant it lands – and STOPS your fly from dragging off-line out of the hot zone)
  • Find out exactly how to set up and use the “controlled-speed” (slotting) downstream presentation to tempt the most difficult fish by ensuring the first thing they see is your fly, travelling at a pace that says “I’m helpless and easy to catch; eat me!” (…even when your back-cast is blocked by obstacles)
  • See the “angle changes” on manipulated fly presentations that work for Go when unlocking moody or picky fish (these can let you have way more contact with fish on difficult days – or even save you from getting skunked)
  • Eliminate the annoyance of snagging your line or fly on the rod due to side-winds (detailed diagrams show Go’s exact casting stroke that keeps the line on the down-wind side of his rod WITHOUT losing delicate, pin-point accuracy)
  • Know when to “weigh anchor” to work particular fish and when to “set sail” in search of fish – based on angler traffic
  • How learning tactics for pressurised iwana (Japanese char) can be perfect for tackling tricky trout of multiple species in rivers around the world (especially fishing for “hidden” fish that may even change colour to improve their camouflage)
  • Go also finally reveals to you the tactic that me and JP have been sitting on since 2014 (and that his great friend Kura-san played a major role in developing) – the technically demanding “Number 3 NYLON Level Line” approach for Cross-stream dead-drift (not for novice casters or beginner tenkara anglers, but an incredibly effective tool for intermediate and advanced tenkara casters)

Together with ensuring that you perfectly understand all the direct demonstrations of the casting stroke (and hand movements), the varying rhythms AND the angles of fly manipulations that are shown in his Video Masterclass ; these notes give away some extra secrets that are not highlighted in the video.