How Tenkara & Fly Fishing Can Save You - By Vito

4 CommentsMonday, 1 May 2017  |  Paul G

All forms of fly fishing provide us with a way to escape the pressures of everyday life. This is one reason we enjoy it so much. Of course, for many people, the therapy that connection with nature provides is more than just a trivial pastime. It is genuinely life-saving.

 It is usually not possible to tell what stuff folks carry with them every day that weighs them down - but we all have something. It is just that some people's burden is an awful lot heavier than most of us will ever know.

This is why Vito's interview for Tenkara in Focus (Season 1; Episode 6) was so fantastic. Not only did it give you wonderful tips and insights into how to fish tenkara effectively, it also flagged up just how important this "serious game" that we all love can be.  Fun and survival can go hand in hand - and that is a strong inspiration behind what me and John try to do when we stick our heads up above the parapet to share tactics, stories and philosophies from the global tenkara community.

So if you haven't seen it yet - please go ahead and check out the complete interview with Vito that was just a bit too long to include in full in Episode 6...And, if you use Facebook, please do share Vito's wonderful message if it inspires you too. It will help us to keep gathering and sharing stories just like it - thank you!

Vito Tsurikichi Rubino in Val di Fumo


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Monday, 1 May 2017  |  16:31

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