Tenkara in Focus Season 3, Episode 2: Yamame and Kura-san's Fly Tying Cabinet

8 CommentsMonday, 27 May 2019  |  Paul G

Tenkara in Focus: Yamame (ヤマメ) Capture & Kura-san's Fly Tying Cabinet

If you've seen any of the "#3 Tenkara Nylon Level Line" content on our site, or are familiar with our original blog site, then Kura-san (Kazuo Kurahashi) will need no introduction. In this episode (and in the pictures below the video) you can seen him in action on-stream catching (and releasing) a lovely little wild yamame (ヤマメ) - as well as coaching Alan into catching a wild iwana (イワナ) in the technical waters of Itoshiro with Go Ishii. Tenkara in Focus Season 3, Episode 2 also reveals Kura-san's awesome woodworking skills...

Tenkara Yamame & Iwana C&R PLUS Kura-san's Fly Tying Cabinet: Tenkara in Focus Season 3 Ep2 (テンカラ)

Without further ado, let's check out the episode (and you can pick up on the pictures and notes below for extra interest, info and enjoyement...PLUS don't miss this month's special time-limited offer below

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Tenkara Catch & Release

A large majority of the anglers in Japan still fish for the table - and it is interesting to see that (especially considering the origins of tenkara as a professional branch of survival and small-scale/cottage industry angling) modern tenkara anglers are at the forefront of promoting Japanese Catch and Release. At the beginning of the show, you saw Kura-san use his C&R tool to remove the hook without handling the little wild Yamame that he caught from a river close to another wonderful angler's house (Kazumi Saigo or "Ajari") in the Toyama region.

Tenkara Catch and Release Tool used by Kura-san
Kura-san usig his Catch and Release tool to unhook this wild Yamame without handling it

Kura-san's Tenkara and Woodworking Skills

The way that Kura-san moves around each fishing spot - and the sequence of his "offerings" or presentations to the fish are big keys to his success. Of course, the e-book and video bundle breaks that down in great detail.

Tenkara fishing in fast, technical rivers in Japan with Kura-san
Knowing when, where and how to move (and when to "weigh anchor" and fish from your existing spot) is a vital Tenkara skillset

Kura-san's use of #3 Nylon Level Line during windless conditions allows him to deliver flies incredibly gently - as well as achieving very "true" drifts and allowing extra subtle manipulations.

Kura-san fishing tenkara #3 Nylon Level line
Casting across stream super-gently with #3 nylon level line

The level of care and artistry that is evident in his fishing is also immediately obvious in his woodworking skills (we are fortunate to own a flybox hand made by Kura-san). His road-trip Fly Tying Cabinet that he turns to when he returns from the stream and wants to solve a particular presentation and fly-design problem is truly a work of art.

Kura-san's Fly Tying Cabinet
Getting the Guided Tour of Kura-san's Beautiful Fly Tying Cabinet

Kura-san's Tenkara Fly Tying Box - insert drawers
Can you say "Friction Fit"?? Perfectly designed and Perfectly Crafted

Transferable Tenkara Skills

As well as being extremely accomplished as an angler, Kura-san and Go were able to give new tactics, insights and successes to Alan. We are also in the fortunate position to have been able to closely analyse and "translate" Kura-san's skills and approach by studying him in person, talking at length, fishing alongside and also have the chance to apply biological and competition angling understanding. The end result is a combination of faithful recording of the coaching delivered personally to Alan - as well as detailed analysis and extra details not covered or available within the on-stream demonstration.

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Kura-san Onstream
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Tuesday, 28 May 2019  |  11:06

great episode! Thank you so much for sharing. I used to work for a Japanese multinational and had wonderful ..-san colleagues. Seeing Kura-san in action reminds me of fond memories. I ordered the bundle of course. And funny to see the unhooking tool: I made one myself from a bicycle spoke. If you allow me I'll send you a picture.

Paul Gaskell
Tuesday, 28 May 2019  |  11:22

Thierry, thank you so much for the feedback - I'd be delighted to receive your picture too, you can send to pg@discovertenkara.co.uk


Peter Heath
Tuesday, 28 May 2019  |  12:42

Another great episode as always. That's a great looking rod Kura-san is using in the introduction !!

Paul Gaskell
Tuesday, 28 May 2019  |  12:45

Ha ha ha! Peter, we'll have to put you on the payroll hee hee hee.

Genuinely delighted that you enjoyed the new episode and thanks again for your very kind feedback,


Glyn Williams
Tuesday, 28 May 2019  |  19:02

Massively impressed with your Japanese speech and translation skills PG! Love Kura San's box and admire his craftsmanship too.

Paul Gaskell
Wednesday, 29 May 2019  |  11:37

You're very kind Glyn - there was lots of help from both Kura-san and Go too :)

Thursday, 30 May 2019  |  13:36

Hi guys, really great episode. As you say using the video as a teaching aid really helps the process along.
For myself, I would be the stumbling, caught up in any vegetation, walking around muttering to myself, throwing the rod down, video star!!!
Thought your interview in Japanese was superb. Just a straight conversation would be pushing it but to pick apart someone’s fly tying box..... kudos!!!
Also it’s nice to think I have something in common with Kura-san.......having used Bri-Wax quite a bit in my time too!

Paul Gaskell
Thursday, 30 May 2019  |  13:42

Glenn - I think you have a lot in common with Kura-san! As I mention, I had a lot of help from Go, Kura-san and all the folks in Japan with what little Japanese I know.

Bri-wax for the win! :)