Masami Sakakibara on Tenkara in Focus Episode 7

4 CommentsFriday, 12 May 2017  |  Paul G

Here you go - an episode that we are INCREDIBLY excited to bring you...Coupled with our most detailed and ambitious download content yet - Check out the launch offer bundle here:

We are busting our asses to bring you the very best tenkara content on the net (let us know if we are winning at that or if you think we suck in the comments below).

One thing that we are confident you will love is the first slice of our content that we've been building on Masami Sakakibara since 2014. The content of the show and the premium download materials come from our intensive 9-day coaching period in Japan with Masami and Kyoko in 2015. By filming hours of that process, we are in a unique position to begin to give you the secrets of Masami's excellent technique and great success on stream.

Possibly the most famous of the absolutely elite tenkara anglers in Japan - Masami is respected for his amazing casting skills (especially with long lines) and also his incredible ability to catch fish from difficult waters using only simple, unweighted kebari (flies).

He prefers not to use bead-head flies; as this is a different "game" to Masami and the game he prefers is based on unweighted wet flies...

By using our biological and coaching backgrounds (and even some sports science!) we've managed to boil down the key, reproducible skills that will make your own ability on stream just a bit (or even a lot) more like Masami's...

And one of the most exciting things for us is that this first slice of content from those hours of footage is dedicated entirely to short to medium-length casting lines that anybody can use - and is based on medium-sized trout rivers (which can be described as "keiryu" in Japanese). It is perhaps less well-known that Masami is also a master of that style of tenkara (as well as the big rivers and long-line approaches).

Not only are Masami's demonstrations of those specific skills only captured on film in our content - but nobody else has been lucky enough to apply the same kinds of interpretation that we found possible due to our background skill-set.

So this is what we would like to share with you this month to give your tenkara the kick-start it deserves! (Note that we have set up two different currency options - $USD and £GBP - PLEASE SEE THE DIFFERENT CURRENCY OPTIONS AT THE END OF THIS POST). I'll also put some resource links from the rest of the show at the bottom of the page too.

The special launch promotion will run from now until June 10th 2017 (just after we get back from our latest research and filming trip to Japan).

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I want the Full Bundle Download

The BUNDLE (Save 18% when you download before  June 10th 2017) is made up of two products (both digital downloads) - an 18-page A4 PDF document and a Fifty Minute High Quality Video of Masami in action PLUS our Technical Breakdowns...

You'll Get these unique and valuable benefits in the video:

  • The Biomechanical advantages Oni uses for comfort, efficiency & accuracy
  • The secret of what you should do between fish captures - and how the choose the right pace of covering the water - to boost your chances
  • How and Why to switch between Up, Across and Downstream (You will see Masami changing presentations to tempt fish that had just refused the same fly)
  • Take the rhythm and intensity of Masami’s irresistible fly manipulation and use it on your own streams
  • Examine the anatomy of a LOT of fish captures exactly as they happened on stream in Japan
  • Proof of the pudding in John’s capture of a big amago during an assessment under Masami

PLUS The notes, video stills and expanded concepts in this 18-Page A4 PDF Give you an Extra-detailed breakdown of the video secrets AS WELL AS...

  • How to develop an efficient laser-like cast
  • How to become a “Current Detective” for making perfect drift presentations (including underwater photograph example of a real shoal of iwana at Itoshiro)
  • Close up analysis of the sei-chu-sen and wakishimete biomechanics of “Centreline” and “Closed armpit” posture (fish and cast accurately while avoiding aches and pains at the end of your day)
  • Sneaky hand-turn tweak to increase efficiency and reduce strain in casting
  • Masterclass on blending with cover (Match this with the video to nail down when you don’t need to go to the trouble of blending in!)
  • How to take Masami’s standard sequence of presentations and improvise in response to conditions

...and how Masami REALLY got his nickname...

Here is the breakdown - you already save some of the cost of the two separate products when you buy as a bundle - BUT until June 10th we are offering an additional discount (on top of the 12% discount for the separate items). This takes your total discount to at least 18% of the regular price (that we will need to go to after June 10th so that we can set our future budget based on that guaranteed income).

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With those tools you absolutely can begin to enjoy your own streams using the tactics and skills that Masami has honed over a lifetime. Just be sure to get in before the regular pricing comes in on 10th of June (save 12% on separates and more than 18% on the bundle).

Bundle prices save either $6 or £5 off the ticket price depending on what currency option you pick).


Episode Resources:

Oni-school in Utah (with Tenkara Guides LLC) - Event Facebook page:


Karel's Tenkara on the Fly Blog:


What makes Masami so good? An Article that tries to break it down:


Kura-san "Gogi"; Rare, Japanese-Native Strain Iwana threatened by stocking with farmed fish:


OK - that is it for this one, we really hope that you love the YouTube Episode and we know that the download content is both unique and by far the best available - so you should love it. If you find something that makes that statement false; we want to hear about it immediately and we'll check it out and up our game again!


Let us know how we're doing in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you don't miss the next episode (Which will air AFTER our trip to Japan and is the last one in Season 1; before we return in Autumn/Fall).



Glyn Williams
Friday, 12 May 2017  |  10:46

Very enjoyable and informative. Nice interview with Karel who expresses and lot of what I and many others feel in relation to Tenkara in simple terms. Nice to see footage of the Itoshiro river again as well.

Friday, 12 May 2017  |  10:49

Thank-you Glyn - I hope your memories of Itoshiro and the fishing are as fond as mine. :)

Friday, 12 May 2017  |  23:51

I like Karel's "any fly" label. Which I'm thinking may be a little closer to actual practice. I'm not a one-fly guy. As in only using one pattern in various sizes or colors. However, I am a one-fly guy in that I rarely change flies once I am fishing. Mostly I just continue to use what was on the end of the tippet the last time I fished with the same line and rod. (except when I want to try out some new kebari idea to see if it is fish approved) Looking forward to downloading and watching / reading the new material.

Monday, 15 May 2017  |  21:56

Great episode guys, lots of interesting material. Super piece from Karel.
Bundle just downloaded.........
Have a good trip!!!!