Keiichi Okushi Tenkara in Focus Interview (Part 1)

2 CommentsSunday, 10 June 2018  |  Paul G

TiF Season 2 Episode 6: Keiichi Okushi Genryu Pt 1 & Hisanobu Hirata-san

Back on track with a new episode (while we cook up projects in the Tenkara Lab) WATCH OUT FOR LAND LEECHES!...

Keiichi's Genryu Fishing

This Episode contains Keiichi's First and "basic" Tenkara in Focus interview. In the next TiF Episode we'll bring you his far more detailed descriptions and stories of what he loves about fishing these special, remote mountain areas (in his Part 2 Interview). Keiichi has been kind enough to supply Discover Tenkara with a series of his articles here.

Joining our Patreon Tenkara Project

Starting in July we'll be in a position to truly start to repay the faith and support shown by our TiF TRiBE members on Patreon. If you're a Bronze, Silver, Gold or (brand new) Platinum level supporter - you'll get direct, live access to us via regular "webinar" sessions. It will let us coach you and troubleshoot your tenkara as well as being like a mini "Live" and interactive episode of Tenkara in Focus. We'll cover Tenkara and Western Fly Fishing and all the things that make fish, fishing and anglers "tick". Join us (and read all the different Supporter Tiers info) here:

First Look Hisanobu Hirata-san Tenkara Analysis Video

The fascinating and effective techniques developed and honed over a 50 year professional tenkara career by Hirata-san have been put under our Tenkara Microscope. You'll soon be getting the chance to gain access to a personalised FREE SCREENING of the main film we've made about him - plus a ton of details about the supporting e-book, audiobook and additional video content - so watch this space and let us know what you think of the sneak preview (and the brand new Patreon Bonuses) in the comments below...

Hirata san portrait

Did I mention that Platinum Patreon supporters will get the full Hirata-san bundle (worth a total of $109 in separate products) as part of their bonus? As well as the future, regular Tenkara in Focus premium download content?


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Monday, 11 June 2018  |  22:16

Another delightful and informative video guys.

I am curious when demonstrating Hisanbu Hirata's line slack, is that what is called ito fuke (糸フケ) ? I've come across many online post where its importance and proper use /adjustment 「糸フケの変化」is discussed. Even practiced to improve the skill using it, just as one might practice casting accuracy. Not only used for kebari fishing, but in other types of fishing also. But I've not yet become certain I understand precisely or correctly what ito fuke is.

Also fun to hear the voice of Keiichi-san. He has been most helpful to me obtaining some gear, going to extra trouble to find for me some YGKよつあみ 与一 ULTRA Sight level line.

Paul G
Tuesday, 12 June 2018  |  22:32

Hi David, I'll try to follow up and do some specific research for you and post up here in future...