Japanese Fishing Adventures in Pictures

12 CommentsThursday, 15 June 2017  |  Paul G

Still reeling from the rollercoaster ride of fishing, interviewing, rod-testing and film-making that we took on during our 1500-mile driving tour of Japan in May and June this year...but here are some memories from the photo-album as a taste of things to come in Tenkara in Focus:

John and an ice cold Kirin Beer

Delicious ice-cold Kirin in chilled glasses - with JP eyeing up the approaching food as we sampled what the Toyama region had to offer.

Beautiful Japanese Iwana in the net

Half-submerged iwana (white spotted char) in the soft mesh of the net - a successful test for the Karasu 360 rod.

Vermillion spots on a beautiful Amago trout

Eyeball-burning intensity of the crimson spots on this breathtaking amago (rain-child trout) from Itoshiro.

Hirata-san's casting and line-positioning

Hirata-san - former professional tenkara angler with 50+ years of experience - demonstrates his line-positioning and rapid-fire casting that he uses with his hand-made horse-hair lines (here using a hi-viz fluorocarbon line so that we could easily see it).

Japanese Hornet's nest

This enormous nest under a railway bridge was made by the infamous Japanese Hornet - a creature that kills more people each year in Japan than bears...Do not approach closer than necessary (and definitely do not disturb!).

Mounted specimen amago

Huge mounted amago in famous Shokuryoshi (professional forager/fisher of mountain rivers)  and some-time bear-hunter Yamada-san's family inn called "Yuzanso" in Akiyamago (which translates as autumn/fall mountain settlement).

Foraged food from Yuzanso

Delicious sansai (foraged mountain plants) and shioyaki (salted, spit-roast fish), quail's egg yolk and many more delicacies (including amazing tempura) - note the hand-tied horsehair level tenkara lines top right of the frame...

Eating at Yuzanso

Relishing Mrs. Yamada's fantastic cooking at Yuzanso (bear skull in the background and seated underneath Yamada-san's uncle's bamboo "Shokuryoshi" rod.

Bear skull

Bear skull belonging to Yamada-san (the youngest permanent resident of Akiyama-go at 67 years of age).

1970's Magazine article detailing Yamada-san's father

1970's magazine article covering the kebari, fishing and lifestyle of Yamada-san's father (another famous Shokuryoshi and bear-hunter).

The mountain range surrounding Akiyamago

Stunning views along the drive through the mountains up to the remote collection of villages known as Akiyamago.

John with lovely iwana

A fantastic day's adventure with Hide Yoshida and Keiichi Okushi - many great captures of iwana like this one for JP.

Close up of iwana and Karasu rod

Stunning fish in crystal clear water and a nice hike (with nice friendly wading as it turned out!), more great testing opportunities for the Karasu.

Paul with iwana

A thrilling day of adventure, filled with fish-captures, some scrambling, unpredictable conditions and weird insect bites - in the excellent company of Isaac Tait from Fallfish Tenkara.

Isaac and JP

Isaac and JP on the approach trail, discussing the day ahead.

Isaac in front of a large waterfall

Isaac standing in front of the waterfall that was the target for the day's "hike and fish" - just as the water began to colour up - before rapidly rising and turning orange as we waded to the other side so we could climb out up to the trail back to the car.

This is just a small slice of the frankly overwhelming experience of our 2017 trip - and we both cannot thank all the people that we met (and who heaped so much hospitality on us). So, our duty now is to make the greatest possible content - especially in video format - to share with you so that you too can understand the deep fascination of tenkara addiction...


Watch this space - and do share this kind of thing with folks who maybe haven't had chance to appreciate this terrific pastime and culture.




Bernard Cronshaw
Friday, 16 June 2017  |  8:03

Looks like you two had an adventure of a lifetime! Can't wait to see the film!

Friday, 16 June 2017  |  8:42

We sure did B, and it will most likely be 'films' plural of course 😂

Mia Hamilton
Friday, 16 June 2017  |  8:03

Wonderful feature, a trip of dreams with unforgettable fishing and equipment.... the stuff of dreams

Friday, 16 June 2017  |  8:44

The stuff of dreams is the perfect way to describe it Mia. Still mentally processing everything we experienced...and I suspect that's going to be the case for a good long time.

Neil McGhee
Friday, 16 June 2017  |  8:54

Oh you lucky people. Well you have worked hard at it.

Friday, 16 June 2017  |  20:12

Thank you Neil, it's funny but the time we put in can be tiring but somehow at the same time doesn't feel like work

David West Beale
Friday, 16 June 2017  |  17:12

What a wonderful adventure! For those who may find this out of reach, you guys are the eyes and the ears.. looking forward to your stories!

Friday, 16 June 2017  |  20:14

Cheers David, I think you'll love what we've got coming up. Also, I'm always delighted by the adventures I have in my own local streams just minutes from home using the tips, tweaks and approaches that have been honed by the talented folks in Japan and around the world...a bit like that whole universe in a grain of sand thing... :)

Saturday, 17 June 2017  |  0:04

Thanks for the virtual tag along. I doubt I could have kept up with all the events.
As much as possible during the summer everyday is a "hike and fish" day near our family vacation house four hours from home. But they are usually separate activities. Hike some mountain trails somewhere near by for an hour or two, and either before or afterwards find somewhere nearby to fish. However, after five years I've only once meet someone else on the river with a tenkara rod.

Sunday, 18 June 2017  |  16:04

Those folks that you don't meet David... They don't know what they're missing!


John Sachen
Sunday, 18 June 2017  |  14:35

Looks like you had an epic trip. Thanks for giving us a peak as to what is on the horizon for us in upcoming Tenkara in Focus episodes. Can't wait.

Sunday, 18 June 2017  |  16:06

Cheers John, We've so much stuff it might have to come out in a whole variety of blog posts, podcasts, TIF episodes and more.