Fly Choice in Focus Lesson 2

10 CommentsMonday, 6 November 2017  |  Paul G

If you missed Part 1 you can catch up by Clicking Here

Now you can see the secrets of bringing your simple wet flies to life in Part 2. See below for your on-stream demo & analysis.

There's over a year's worth of free email lessons (on topics just like the one in the video) that give you the unfair advantages of the world's most successful river fly fishers on this link:

In the video lesson JP happened to be using a tenkara rod (unlike Part 1, where I used a fly rod and reel setup). Now, there will be some fly fishers who are afraid to examine the building blocks of all fly fishing - just because someone mentioned the word "tenkara". You can normally spot these folks when they post memes like "Everyone knows you fish tenkara coz you can't cast" ha ha ha.

I love that meme (and, cough, remind me to dust off my Bakewell country show fly casting trophy cough cough! lol) as it's a decent burn - but also since I know how naive and ironic the statement is!

The one question I'd ask of you is "How much permission you feel you need by the fly fishing main-stream on what you are allowed to study and benefit from in your own fly fishing?".

If you feel able to decide on your own what you're allowed to enjoy, then there's a ton of kick-ass techniques in historic and modern fly fishing methods from around the globe waiting for you. There is such a rich seam of tactics that make simple, impressionistic & functional fly patterns out-perform close-copy flies. 

The trick is knowing what the fish "want", how their feeding response is really triggered and what features of flies are actually important in hitting those trigger points. We'll uncover more of this in the third and final lesson soon - so watch this space....

In the meantime - how are we doing with these lessons? Let us know in the comments below - and don't forget to greatly impress your friends with your excellent taste by clicking the social share button(s) on this page!! (how else will they know what a font of fine, valuable fly fishing knowledge you are?).

Paul (many a true word spoken in jest) Gaskell



David Noll
Monday, 6 November 2017  |  12:54

Outstanding. One of your best out of a really good group of tutorials. Thanks.

Paul G
Monday, 6 November 2017  |  16:12

David - you are more than welcome; I'm really glad you enjoyed it.


Peter Heath
Monday, 6 November 2017  |  16:05

As usual clear, concise and just plain common sense (once pointed out!!)

Paul G
Monday, 6 November 2017  |  16:16

Big thanks Peter - I think it goes back to that idea that there is power in being able to weed out the fluff from the things that actually make a difference (and you can spend a lifetime sifting through those things to find out which is which!).

A guy called David Trott (who has had a long career in advertising -
and whose book I was recently reading) says that "Stupid people are impressed by complexity". His big thing is that the power is in the simple principles that you can drill down to and that don't really change over time. Individual tactics and fashions change all the time, but solid principles endure.

I think he's right :)


Michael Ely
Monday, 6 November 2017  |  17:52

Thanks for the insights. My 'manipulations' have bene much more subtle, more like tapping the blank with my fingertip. I always thought that the movements at the rod tip were magnified 10 fold at the fly but that's with a tight line. I wasn't allowing slack in the line first, so I'll be eager to try it out in the near future (with the case of files that just arrived from you guys a few moments ago!

Paul Gaskell
Monday, 6 November 2017  |  18:23

Perfect timing Michael. Let us know how it works out for you and thanks for stopping by to say hi.


Sean Foster
Wednesday, 8 November 2017  |  20:12

I've never viewed one of your tutorials without having learned something beneficial to improve my fishing, your knowledge is truly outstanding and the deliverance of the material is top notch, both of you keep up the excellent work.

Paul G
Wednesday, 8 November 2017  |  20:21

Wow, thank you Sean - that's so cool of you to take time out and pass on such positive vibes.

Thank you - I really appreciate it and I know JP will do too.


Graham Stevens
Thursday, 30 November 2017  |  20:08

hi guys
What date will the book be sent out?

Paul Gaskell
Thursday, 30 November 2017  |  20:21

Hi Graham, the first print run of 300 are being produced and bound this week and will be completed next week. They'll be sent to us by the middle of next week and then we'll be signing them, adding the flies and then shipping them out to you as soon as we can.