November News: Including Can you Write for DT?

Monday, 26 November 2018  |  Paul G

Discover Tenkara News: November 2018

Well here's a bit of a new adventure for us (with a few wrinkles to iron out yet - like the mic levels!) - Check out Special Offers for November Plus Links related to each story below the video: 

Discover Tenkara TiF TRiBE on Patreon

You can see why our Patrons are so important to us on the tenkara Patreon link here:

The changes and additions to bonuses for Patrons are designed to make sure that we can reward our supporters and allow us to get back to regular Youtube Episodes of Tenkara in Focus while we continue to rebuild our premium media library.  Put simply, every supporter from Bronze Level upwards will be able to join in on the live quiz events when they happen. Bronze and Silver Supporters will also have access to special "sampler" edits of some of the premium Live coaching content that the Gold and Platinum Supporters have full access to in both Live/interactive and full replay versions.

How to Fool Fish Audiobook "Biohacking" Tutorials

Coming very soon - a series of special live lessons and insider information on the development and testing of the system of selecting and presenting simple impressionistic flies in a wide variety of fly fishing styles from Euro-nymphing through North Country Spiders to Dry Fly Fishing - and perfectly represented in authentic Japanese Tenkara...

November "Onstream Masterclass Bundle" Big Savings Offer

Combining two modern masters - the light-line tenkara maestro Kura-san and the high-level hybridisation of competition nymphing and tenkara practiced by Takahashi-san in an 8-piece Bundle WITH THE DISCOUNT COUPON CODE "mastery" until the end of November 2018:


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Get the £GBP Kura-san & Takahashi-san Bundle save £20 with the code "mastery"


Plus - as I write this, there's just a very short time left on our Black Crow Black Friday Weekend Offer on Karasu Rods (no coupons, just reduced prices until midnight tonight):

Karasu Black Friday Offer

The very last window of opportunity closes at midnight on "Cyber Monday" (i.e. today 26th November 2018):

Karasu Black Friday Link

PLUS - please give us your comments below on where we might take the live Youtube format in future (and bash those social share buttons on this page too...)