Biology of Fly Fishing - Part 2

2 CommentsSunday, 2 December 2018  |  Paul G

Biology of Fly Fishing: Part 2 of "A Biohacker's Guide"

In the rush for fly-tying & casting mastery - did Fly Fishers Forget About the Fish??

In this one we get on stream with multiple video examples (as well as a classic zoology experiment fooling toads with matchsticks!). If you're the type who says "All very nice - but PROVE IT to me" then the extra email tutorials are what you need: Click for Special Biohacker Bonus Tutorials

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Fast Track Biology for Fly Fishing

This one is a full-on episode - Overflowing with Content, Demos & Proof -  and will be most use to you if you consume it in several sittings. Because there's a lot packed in, it often takes a few viewings to have the important bits "stick". Again, this video is NOT saying that anything that you've already learned is useless, it is a way of getting more value out of those (often unconnected) facts. Learning rigs and practising casting are all steps that will take you higher on the ladder - but knowing the effect that you want to achieve with your fly and presentation lets you work backwards and select the best rig and cast for the job.

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David Noll
Friday, 7 December 2018  |  2:46

Very nice session. Thanks.

Paul Gaskell
Friday, 7 December 2018  |  11:36

Thank you David! I hope the case studies are useful illustrations for your future European trips :)