1 CommentTuesday, 30 January 2018  |  Paul G
Newsflashes - British Fly Fair, Patreon, End of the line sale, Print book update

WTF is Patreon? How does your rod stack up against the Karasu, End of the line for most of our Gumroad stuff tomorrow

22 CommentsThursday, 18 January 2018  |  Paul G
Grayling Fishing: Ultimate A to Z of tactics, tackle & insider tips

Designed to be the best web page on grayling fishing you've ever seen.

16 CommentsThursday, 11 January 2018  |  Paul G
Loss of Tenkara Footage Rights (by Jan 31st)

Our Loss of Tenkara Footage Rights Means Much of Our Library is Disappearing after Jan 31st. What you can do to help (and also make sure you don't lose out on your favourite content)

8 CommentsMonday, 8 January 2018  |  Paul G
Go Ishii Interview for Tenkara in Focus

This interview has been a long time coming...but in many ways it is being published at just the right time. It throws some very important light on the question of "Why should I give a f$%* about Japanese tenkara?". Scroll down for more insights after you've watched the interview...

32 CommentsFriday, 15 December 2017  |  Paul G
What do you think of Tenkara in Focus?

Tell us where we can improve Tenkara in Focus, plus advertising mini bidding war and Steve from Montana makes my year.

Thursday, 7 December 2017  |  Paul G
Tenkara in Focus Episode 4: Tenkara casting, Otsuri and Fujiwara san

Rockabilly Tenkara master, dead drift control and nailing an essential casting tactic.

4 CommentsFriday, 1 December 2017  |  Paul G
Kebari in Focus is Launched

Revealing the Karasu kebari in the very first episode of "Kebari in Focus"

Thursday, 30 November 2017  |  Paul G
Tenkara in Focus Coffee Break: Isaac & the Big Iwana

You know what it's like, you hook the biggest iwana of the trip and then it snags you under a rock. What you need is a marine...

18 CommentsThursday, 9 November 2017  |  Paul G
Fly Choice in Focus 3 AND Book Launch

Final lesson - Know What Fish Want & Give it to Them. Here's how.

10 CommentsMonday, 6 November 2017  |  Paul G
Fly Choice in Focus Lesson 2

If you hope to succeed with simple flies, you'll need to know how to bring them to life. JP shows you the secrets on stream here.

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