2 CommentsTuesday, 23 May 2017  |  PG
Postcard from Japan 2017 #1

Just about five days into our filming and research in Japan and it has already been a mega-trip. The amount of new content and insights that we can now share with you (through this blog and also on our YouTube channel that broadcasts Tenkara in Focus) is simply unbelievable.

22 CommentsMonday, 15 May 2017  |  PG

There is a big problem that we've not been able to solve when it comes to having rods manufactured in China.

4 CommentsFriday, 12 May 2017  |  PG
Masami Sakakibara on Tenkara in Focus Episode 7

Here you go - Episode 7 of Tenkara in Focus that we are INCREDIBLY excited to bring you...Coupled with our most detailed and ambitious download content yet - Check it out...

6 CommentsMonday, 8 May 2017  |  PG
Tying my Favourite Fly: The Fly Tying Hut

The excitement of an upcoming trip to Japan and the pleasure of filling my fly box in a quiet, sunny spot. Not much beats the contentment of the fly tying hut - and this year it needed some TLC before I could show you the step-by-step video of a great "confidence fly".

4 CommentsMonday, 1 May 2017  |  PG
How Tenkara & Fly Fishing Can Save You - By Vito

All forms of fly fishing provide us with a way to escape the pressures of everyday life. This is one reason we enjoy it so much. Of course, for many people, the therapy that connection with nature provides is more than just a trivial pastime. It is genuinely life-saving.

2 CommentsTuesday, 18 April 2017  |  PG
Spring Trout & Cherry Blossom

Spring blossoms, hatching flies and warming weather...Those weeks of a new trout season when spring and new life start really start to gather pace are a joyous time to be on stream.

Thursday, 6 April 2017  |  PG
Use just ONE factor to make successful river fly fishing choices (without learning Latin)

In 2007 I set myself up for a fall.

I thought I had the beginnings of a great idea but to test it properly meant Id need to be willing to risk public embarrassment and failure.

2 CommentsMonday, 27 March 2017  |  PG
Tenkara in Focus Episode 6: Italian/Japanese Fusion Styles

Gorgeous scenes from both Italian and Japanese Paradise rivers...AND Secret Competition Nymph-Tenkara Fusion Methods" of Takahashi-san for tackling "impossible" high-traffic rivers

2 CommentsFriday, 10 March 2017  |  PG
Amano-san: Hand-tying his Kebari in the 1980's

In the 1980's a (very young-looking!) Dr. Ishigaki made a TV program that compared the tenkara of some established anglers of the day (he even analyses the different casting and "sasoi" or fly-manipulation styles - particularly of Takekabu-san and Amano-san).

Tuesday, 28 February 2017  |  PG

How you can look inside three of our premium DVDs and Kebari E-book content for Just 1 or $1

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