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Welcome to Discover Tenkara – if you’re looking to improve your skill, confidence and success on stream (and have fun doing it) then we will bend over backwards to help you. Whether you’ve never picked up a fly rod or a tenkara rod – or if you are a seasoned pro – we scour the globe for interesting, PROVEN and above all, authentic tactics to raise your game and find the most fascinating stories.

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But why do we focus so much on building your skills?

Make no mistake, the more you minimise your gear; the more important your technique and knowledge (this is the flip-side of the saying “the more you know, the less you need”…). It is a really great feeling, though, to approach a trout stream with simple, light tackle while carrying a great expectation of success. 

As well as streamlining your kit, maybe:

  • You also like the culture and elegance of Japanese fly fishing?
  • Or perhaps you’re looking for tactics to help cross-train with modern competition-style methods?

The good news is we are on the same track after we accidentally fell in love with the Japanese way of doing things during our long exploration of modern and traditional European methods of fly fishing… 

The “we” that I’m talking about is me and my fellow fishing-addict JP (John Pearson; you can get to know us better in the “About Us” page on our site). What is important for you to know - so you can judge whether it’s worth checking out the rest of our site - is our official motto:

“Always go to the source”

No matter if it is learning Czech nymphing with members and coaches of the World team in the Czech Republic or travelling to Japan every year to meet and study with the widest range of elite tenkara anglers of any non-Japanese guides…that’s where we will go to bring you your info and stories.

Perhaps the biggest bonus for you (again something we stumbled into) is the freshwater biology background that we use to understand and explain how the tactics that we discover actually work…We have enjoyed so much fun and success by combining a broad and long fishing addiction (we’ve both fished for over 35 years – for most anything with fins and gills) with a biological analysis. 

Now we can pass that insider knowledge to you too and – as we are always discovering new things – we know exactly how you feel when you go from “confusion” to “aha!”. We never forget what it is like to learn something for the first time – because we are always in that same state ourselves.

We know how to get you fishing smarter and we’ve got lots of stories from the tenkara world to inspire your adventures on stream too.

To get started – why not check out our free YouTube Episodes of “Tenkara in Focus” and join in on the adventures we’re having in the ever-growing, global tenkara community? Just bring your curiosity and make sure you don’t need to rely on the established fly fishing herd to tell you what you are allowed to enjoy…

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Have fun and let us know if you need anything on: pg@discovertenkara.co.uk  jp@discovertenkara.co.uk 

Some kind quotes from our awesome fellow tenkara fans: 

I just want to say Thank You Very Much for the excellent emails I have been receiving over the last year. Very Excellent Fly Fishing Info - I have a 142 page eBook I made from copy and pasting your email fishing info (it would be a lot more pages but I lost a few of your emails last year).  I also have your Discovering Kebari eBook - very excellent book. Just wanted to say thanks - very much appreciated

Rob M


Your new You Tube video is outstanding. It's going to be your guys' fault that Tenkara goes from a hobby to an obsession for me. LOL.”

David Noll


Thank you for the awesomeness! You guys do an amazing job with this excellent production and are true ambassadors of Tenkara.

Thank you

John Sachen