On Stream Tuition

Do you want to improve your confidence and enjoyment on stream?

• Learn tenkara fishing techniques the will work for you
• Learn which fly fishing skills are transferable 
• Learn new skills specific to Japanese tenkara
• Avoid months or years of frustrating experimentation
• Cut through all the misinformation online
• Save time (and money) by finding the right kit for you in one session

In addition to having over 30 years of fly fishing experience, John Pearson is the UK’s only full-time tenkara guide to have studied tenkara extensively in Japan and has a firsthand knowledge of tenkara methods and culture that is unparalleled beyond the Discover Tenkara stable.

"I have seen John and Paul fish and taught them tenkara technique and culture. Their tenkara technique is very high level. There are few people, even in Japan, with their level of technique. They have the correct technique and knowledge of tenkara and I recommend that you learn tenkara from them." - Dr Hisao Ishigaki (Japan's foremost tenkara ambassador)

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* Upon making a booking, a non-refundable part payment of £50 may be required to secure your date.