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Part 3: Keiichi Shares “My Start in Genryu Fishing” with us

Genryu Fishing 3

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My Start in Genryu Fishing

The mountains in Japan and the forests spread there are beautiful, and the seasons that change with exquisite balance further enhance its beauty.

Beautiful Genryu River Landscape in Japan

I loved travelling since I was young. I travelled around Europe, North America and Asia when I was in my 20s very keenly. I really wanted to experience different culture, history and nature in each country. Each country has beautiful nature, townscape and history, and for me at that time I felt like traveling the world is my life.

After travelling around many countries, it was when was about 30 years old, the more I visited various countries, the more I see nature in the world, the more I gradually felt the beauty of nature in Japan. In those days, I started keiryu fishing that I wanted to do someday from a long time ago. Through keiryu fishing I wanted to touch the mountains and nature of Japan.

Fishing in clear water in Unspoiled Genryu River

As I got crazy about keiryu fishing, I naturally entered the genryu area. Then I felt like I was awakened. I came to realize that THIS was the beauty of Japan. I felt that it was exactly what I had been seeking. The mountains of Japan, forests of Japan, rivers of Japan and four seasons of Japan.

I was then convinced that Japan had a beautiful nature that was not to be exceeded by any country in the world.

When we go genryu fishing, the views we see are probably almost the same as the landscapes of thousands of years ago. We cast our fishing rods in a wild nature that we have carefully protected since ancient times. I think it is the nature that nurtured the Japanese people for thousands of years. Genryu fishing is the fishing done in such holy places.


Keiichi Okushi, Genryu Addict and owner of “Tenkara-ya”