How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies (E-Book)

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How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies: The Secret Science Behind Japanese "Kebari" and Euro-nymph Patterns

Be warned this book contains the following “Fly Fishing Blasphemy”:

**Close copy fly-tying is a crude “shotgun” approach to catching fish…You throw as many features as you can imagine onto a hook and just hope that something in that mix convinces a fish to take a bite!**

The problem is, humans and fish judge flies differently.

Instead of guessing, what if you knew the handful of factors that actually matter to fish?

What if you could “match the hatch” in the eyes of a fish by changing your presentation method – as much as by what fly pattern you use?

This book gives you the secrets of turning ultra-simple flies into successful fish-catchers. Such skills would be well known to subsistence anglers of the past - including the original tenkara anglers of the Japanese mountains and professional river wet-fly fishers in the West. They are also used and refined by today’s cutting-edge competition anglers.

So, if you want to learn how to trigger the fish in your own trout streams AND how to successfully adapt to changing conditions; you’ll find proven answers inside…

"What a great book. I love the way you open it on any page and it’s just full of information. Put me down for a hard cover copy if you ever do one. Thanks again for putting it together".

Stephen Peppiatt, UK