Fly Choice in Focus

Simplifying Your Fly Choice for Success on Stream

Episode 1: Power in Simplicity

Fly fishing articles and advice often try to steer us towards the perfect imitation in our flies. But how come simple impressionistic flies have caught so many fish for centuries? Here's one simple (but massively effective) tweak to help you have lots of success with the often feared traditional "upstream wet fly" approach. 

Episode 2: Bringing Flies to Life

Fly fishing with simple flies means you need to know how to bring them to life. This can transform an unappetising fly into an irresistible one. JP takes us out on stream and demonstrates how line off the water presentation and manipulation can give a simple fly the impression of life.

Episode 3: Know What Fish Want 

Wet flies - and how to use them successfully. Final episode in this three part series "Fly Choice in Focus"

PLEASE NOTE - Our launch offer is now ended but you can still get your copy of the book here: How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies