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THE SUBTLE MASTERY OF KURA-SAN Don't miss this complete video coverage of an exclusive 40-minute Personal Tenkara Masterclass given by Kazuo Kurahashi and Go Ishii in Itoshiro, Japan

Alan Swann (the pupil in the lesson) had this reaction:

"I felt blessed with a special privilege... On stream tuition from 2 tenkara masters at the top of their game...it doesn't get much better than this!"

So this is your unique chance to gain all the insights, on-stream teaching points and discussion right alongside accomplished travelling angler Alan as part of our trip to Itoshiro, Japan in 2016.


  • Foolproof preparation routine (including the astonishingly simple step that lets you avoid a common "glass ceiling" in your casting accuracy and presentation)
  • The most frequent pitfalls that do the most damage to your chances on-stream (and easy tactics to avoid falling into them)
  • How to use current features and structure to conceal yourself (while still letting you put your fly in front of a feeding fish)
  • Demonstration of the best pace to cover the water for tenkara (and also when you should not change your position)
  • How to move around stream without spoiling your chances of catching fish
  • Changing position and angle to gain increased control over your presentation (and how altering the angle of attack can provoke a response in a previously unwilling fish)
  • Seeing and using the most gentle "hackle-animating" fly manipulation (a very under-appreciated but highly-effective tweak)
  • Understanding the sequence of casts that keep your chances of enjoying success as high as possible
  • Kura-san Insider Notes: A surgical breakdown of the techniques for success used by Kazuo Kurahashi and Go Ishii on some of the most demanding rivers in Japan...You can't fail to benefit from insights like:
  • Which (super-common) ways are you shooting yourself in the foot before you've even made a cast?
  • The 3 tell-tale fish habits that Kura-san looks for before starting to fish (and how he uses these "giveaways" to choose his approach **NOT featured in the video lesson**)
  • How to use the "box approach" to move around the river and drastically cut down the number of fish you scare before they get chance to see your fly
  • Simple but powerful intelligence points to gather before and DURING your fishing to guide your tactical choices
  • The obscure, high-level trick to draw fish out of fast water and induce easy-to-hook "eats" of your fly (this is the water ignored by most fly fishers)
  • The value of gently animating the hackle of your fly (and not much more!) by super-subtle "luring" or "manipulation"
  • Positional thinking that puts you in control of the pace and position of your fly
  • The sequence and pace of covering spots on the river that will give you the best chance of enjoying success on tough days/rivers

...and more vital insights 

Now includes 2 x Special Bonus PDFs Where You'll Get:

The photographs, dressing and detailed fishing notes for Kura-san's kebari (fly) which has caught thousands of fish from tough rivers
A special guidance article on how you can adopt Kura-san's fantastic ability to blend in and hide from the fish (you can't catch a fish that you have already scared before it sees your fly...)