World Fishing Day

Wednesday, 6 June 2018  |  Paul G

World Fishing Day 2018

You will soon witness the very first World Fishing Day - a 24-hour GLOBAL LIVE TELEVISED FISHING BROADCAST invented and brought to life by the folks at This will be happening on June 23rd 2018 (though the first broadcasts will start in the USA on June 22nd - so check your timezone!)

I'll let that sink in for a second, it's going to feature live feeds from over 24 locations spread right around the globe (and right around all the world's time-zones so that there's always fishing to be filmed round the clock!). And somehow, we're presenting the Japan segment live, in the River from Tokyo Trout Country.

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World Fishing Day Will Feature Live Tenkara From Japan

But this will be much more than just a tenkara event (even though that has never been done live before to a global TV audience!). Here's some more details on what you need to know about June 23rd 2018...

World Fishing Day Explainer:

Official FishingTV Description:

"World Fishing Day 2018 is the first ever attempt to bring anglers all over the world together to celebrate the joys of angling, bring new people into the sport, and highlight the incredible power of angling to make positive changes in the world and in people’s lives.

The idea was born out of a desire to see more people fall in love with fishing".

The day consists of two pillars:

  1. A network of free fishing events around the world
  2. A 24-hour live broadcast from amazing fishing locations around the world.

So as well as being a way to promote angling to the wider world - it is also a way to encourage everyone who already fishes to connect with more folks in our community. Not only that, but FishingTV are very deliberately giving a platform to angling as a stepping stone to environmental appreciation and conservation. I think we all also know not to underestimate all kinds of angling as one of the greatest therapies for mental and physical health too. Anyone who doubts that should maybe watch this short piece that's been around for a few years now already

World Fishing Day Countries

The 24+ locations that will be providing continuous live feeds from fishing activities around the world will be constantly switched between by the studio in London (their crew have scheduled rotas so that each member has short allocated nap times to get them through the full 24-hour broadcast). The currently confirmed countries and fishing styles (many with multiple venues of course) are:

World Fishing Day Broadcast Locations Map

1 - Trout in New Zealand
2 - Barramundi in Australia
3 - Tenkara in Japan
4 - Deep sea fishing in Norway
5 - Salmon in Finland
6 - Sea Bass in Italy
7 - Sea fishing in Croatia
8 - Salmon in Iceland
9 - Street fishing in Paris, France
10 - Predator fishing in Germany
11 - Pike in Sweden 
12 - Carp fishing in Essex, UK
13 - Tigerfish in South Africa
14 - Aligator Gar in Texas, USA
15 - Trout in Hampshire, UK
16 - Redfish and snook in Tampa Bay, USA
17 - Tarpon in the Florida Keys, USA
18 - Bonefish in the Bahamas
19 - Bass in Ontario, Canada
20 - Trout in Colorado, USA
21 - Salmon and trout in Alaska, USA

So, do you reckon you could find something that gets your motor running amongst that lot?

What will the Discover Tenkara Team be Broadcasting?

As well as, right off the bat, introducing what Japanese tenkara consists of - we'll be demonstrating a whole range of techniques while we try to catch fish for the cameras. I'll be joined on-stream by world-renowned tenkara angler Go Ishii as we trade punches in trying to outdo each other with tenkara rod and line. Go will also give us his insights into everything surrounding tenkara from its development through to the wide variety of Japanese rivers and situations to which the techniques have been successfully applied.

Go Ishii

As well as the presentation techniques and the casting skills of tenkara, we'll be delving into the different designs of Japanese tenkara flies and how to match them to different situations and tactics. I am sure that we'll be able to work in the use of stiff hackled wet flies for "tomezuri" (static/anchored fly) presentations in complex fast-water as well as sneaky ways of making those hackles send out "distress signals" to fish. Of course we'll also cover the main uses of other typical Japanese fly designs that include soft-hackled flies used for both dead-drifted and also "manipulated" presentations using various kinds of "sasoi" or induced-take movements. 

Stiff hackled wet fly

Me and JP have already done a full rehearsal with the whizzy back-pack broadcasting console (containing a total of eight 4G cellphone SIM cards that suck up all of the available cell network signals and beam our HD feed directly to London). That rehearsal included anglers broadcasting from places as exotic as South Africa - as well as the very rainy Sheffield location that we had to contend with! I will be doing my best to avoid going into a Jonathan Pie style rant (but I can't promise anything).

Obviously there is Swearing Throughout the following clip...

Despite some fun and games with the weather (including having to retreat from a disappearing gravel bar as the brown flood waters rose around us) the whole studio crew did a great job at transferring between all the locations and presenters. On the day itself a fantastic studio setting (glass-fronted and looking out over Tower Bridge) will be in London and this is also where all of the live feeds will be managed. As well as linking out to the roving reporters around the world, the studio hosts will be including social media feeds and updates from the FishBrain app users who are submitting their own catches. There will also be interaction with and contributions from Facebook - and portions of the show will even be streamed live to (I believe) Youtube and Facebook as well.

Ed Burgass Fishing TV

Ed Burgass of Fishing TV trying out the London studio for size

So why not join us in this ambitious experiment? As well as checking out all your favourite segments as they are broadcast - do get on the various social media feeds as well as Fishbrain to submit your own contributions by participating in angling on the first ever World Fishing Day...

See you there!



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