Newsflashes - British Fly Fair, Patreon, End of the line sale, Print book update

1 CommentTuesday, 30 January 2018  |  Paul G

The following News Updates on British Fly Fair International (and the "Karasu Challenge"), End of the line for most of our Gumroad download library tomorrow (Jan 31st 2018), Tenkara in Focus fans and "Patreon", plus Print-book expanded distribution coming soon...(hopefully):

Tenkara in Focus Newsflash Resources for this post

Although there'll be much more info to come on how/what/why regarding Patreon and Our Patreon Page, here's a list of resources mentioned in the vid:

Patreon Brief Explainer:

British Fly Fair (International):

Gumroad Store page:

(Don't forget your 10% discount coupon code "kibosh" for affected products)

Tenkara in Focus tribe

Watch this space for updates on the new DVD (and to see if we make the deadline to launch it at the British Fly Fair...)




Peter Heath
Tuesday, 30 January 2018  |  12:32

Can't wait for the DVD put me down for one as soon as they are available. Really enjoyed the first Karbari in Focus then the Sh1t hit the fan and there was no more. Great to see you guys getting it sorted.