Tenkara in Focus Season 2 Episode 1

5 CommentsWednesday, 25 October 2017  |  Paul G

Tenkara in Focus is back!

What a roller-coaster summer of tenkara adventures, filming, mishaps (wait for the insect-bite-gone-bad video!) and hair-whitening risks with cash...First up this season is Yamada-san - legendary 3rd generation "Shokuryoshi" (pro tenkara angler) from the settlement of villages known as "Akiyamago" (Fall/Autumn-mountain settlement). LINKS for essential info available below the video (and don't forget to click the social share buttons to let your fishing buddies what excellent taste you have :) )

You can get up-close and personal with our exclusive tenkara flies (kebari) here:

More info on Yamada san can be found here: 
https://www.discovertenkara.com/tenkara.html#Tenkara History 

If you're not sure on telling your "Yatagarasu" from your "karasu" you can get totally up to speed on the following link...


The move to weekly programmes during this season is going to be ambitious and a lot of pressure for us, but we are incredibly excited about the material that we've captured already and are going to share with you.

A massive step is the transformation of our "Discovering Kebari" e-book into the upcoming physical print book "How to Fool Fish With Simple Flies: The Secret Science Behind Japanese Kebari & Euro-nymph Patterns". Look out on the Tenkara in Focus Facebook Page for your chance to win a signed copy complete with a kebari from the DT range: https://www.facebook.com/TenkarainFocus

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Also - let us know in the comments below what you think of the content, our new logo and any questions you might have about what you've got heading your way (like a giant steam-train made of solid tenkara :) :) ).

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Владимир Бушляков
Wednesday, 25 October 2017  |  22:03

Paul, I like your approach, what do you do. It is very interesting.

Paul G
Wednesday, 25 October 2017  |  22:15

Thank you so much Vladimir!

I'm sure I speak for John when I say how much we appreciate your kind words.


Ian Beecham
Friday, 27 October 2017  |  19:59

Great that you are back in production. Looking forward to all that is to come. Well done.

Sunday, 12 November 2017  |  8:10

Gotta love the bit with the game of rock paper scissors (or cloth in some countries). Called Janken じゃんけん, or a variation「Jankenpon, じゃんけんぽん」.
The game has a long and interesting history in Japan. In 2005 when Maspro Denkoh Corp. decided to auction off it's art collection, the decision of whether to allow Sotheby's or Christie's auction house to sell the art was decided by the game. Maybe the most expensive game ever played.
Maybe it's the way to go to decide where to fish too.

Paul Gaskell
Sunday, 12 November 2017  |  8:27

Hahaha, well in my case it was for a Shimano ZL rod donated by Dr Ishigaki
Unfortunately she kicked my ass (twice as it turned out). For the first rounds she played against the whole crowd. Anyone sitting in the crowd who didn't beat what she played was 'out'. Then, when just one person was left they got to go up and challenge for the prize. That final round, she is allowed to state what she is going to play...BUT, that can be a bluff. Well I blew it both times hahahaha. :) :)