Tenkara Fly Fishing Video: TiF On-stream Episodes

4 CommentsMonday, 3 September 2018  |  Paul G

"TiF On-Stream": Tenkara Fly Fishing Video Experiences to Inspire You

Here's the very first example of a new episode type for Tenkara in Focus (TiF). These "TiF On-stream" Tenkara Fly Fishing Video episodes aim to inspire you with true life experiences of fishing trips as they really happen. In this one, I have some problems to solve with spooky fish in low water and bright sun...

If you'd like to try out the tactics shown in the video for yourself - Click Here for a great short-cut.

Images of an Afternoon's Fishing

It is a real indication of how powerful fishing is to think that the wonderful, rich memories captured in this video took part in just a couple of hours on the river. The memories in my mind include the sights, sounds and smells of the river on that afternoon - and John's footage adds an extra dimension that really brings them to life. I hope that you feel inspired for your next fishing trip(s) - and that also to avoid feeling overwhelmed if your first choice of tactics doesn't work right out of the gate!

Tenkara Fly Fishing Video Freeze Frame Hook Up

Hook-up on a Karasu 400, Olive #2.5 Fluorocarbon Level Line and a Beige-bodied DT Jun Kebari

Because of the drought conditions this year, the river's level would normally be above my knees in the above image - so that fine (drab-coloured) line, long rod and smaller fly all came together to give success on a tricky day. You can see the outline of the trout under the water as it turns in reaction to the hook-set.

Not Just the Fishing: Location is Key to any Tenkara Fly Fishing Video or Memory

I don't think that it's possible to separate the setting from the fishing when it comes to the experience of a special trip. Often, taking a camera means that you are prompted to look more carefully and really appreciate the magical settings that fishing takes us to.

White water freeze frame from above

Transparent Peaty Water Plunging over Rocks


Shafts of Sunlight on White Water

Problem Solving Can be a Really Satisfying Part of Fishing

Something that can be a major barrier to enjoyment is when you start to feel overwhelmed by the choices that face you in fishing. But, if you can flip that on its head, and understand that you don't need to get the tactics perfect on your first attempt - it starts to get a lot more fun. That way, when a tactic you try doesn't work, just treat it as a good chance to try something else in your toolbox.

Fly Swap picture

Swapping a Fly to a Smaller Size and Increased Mobility

As well as homing in on the right size of fly, finding the ideal way to offer it to the fish (and convince it to grab hold) is the other part of the puzzle. When both of those things come together and you transform a tough day into a  series of successful captures...then it feels great. One of the best ways you can have that happen more often is to welcome the tactics that DON'T work - because that means you are one tactic closer to the one that will work for you. Even if you don't quite get to solve the puzzle on that day, you'll learn valuable things to use in future.

OK, it's not always possible to be philosophical when things aren't going right...but whenever you can pull it off, it feels really good.

If you'd like some tried and tested options of tricks to try - Click Here to Get 11 Deadly Tactics.

...and let us know what you think of the "TiF On-Stream" Episodes Format in the comments below...



Paul Hunt
Tuesday, 4 September 2018  |  13:18

Absolutely stunning photography John and really complemented by Paul’s commentary of the day and the tactics both of which enhanced by the background music Have to say guys this for me is your best piece of work Well done to you both 👍👍👍
Best Regards
Paul Hunt

Paul Gaskell
Tuesday, 4 September 2018  |  19:44

Well an official ''Three Paul Hunt Thumbs Up'' verdict is high praise indeed - very many thanks Paul and I'm really happy that you liked it :)


Tuesday, 4 September 2018  |  21:54

Love this short video. Obviously you guys have put an awful lot of work into it but it feel totally natural and ‘off the cuff’. Just a chat on the bank.....
Many thanks

Paul Gaskell
Wednesday, 5 September 2018  |  0:40

Cheers Glenn, we plan on doing more like these to keep the variety up across the different episodes.