Tenkara Fishing Techniques E-book

2 CommentsTuesday, 28 August 2018  |  Paul G

Tenkara Fishing Techniques: "11 Deadly Tenkara Manipulations for Fly Rod & Reel or Tenkara" E-book

Here it is - a brand new and improved version of our manipulations e-book. The tenkara fishing techniques it breaks down (with photos, diagrams, text and handy check-list tools) are what separate really good tenkara anglers from the Average Joe.

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As well as explaining the techniques that allow you to create up to 11 different imitations from any single fly that you tie on to your tippet, the book also contains a handy check-list that partners each tenkara fishing technique (or presentation style) to particular fly patterns that make the most of each tactic. This makes it easy to pick the best fly for each presentation tactic.

On top of that, there is also a seasonal guide (and checklist) to the most effective presentations and fly manipulations to use according to the conditions you find on stream. That guide includes suggested sequences of presentations (assuming you don't just hit it perfect with the first technique you try!).

Tenkara Fishing Techniques E-book

The fly manipulation techniques and the kebari (Japanese fly patterns) that we've tested so exhaustively on trout streams around the world are shared in full in just 94 pages - and there's even some coaching on getting your mindset just right for success and (most importantly) enjoyment with these techniques.

Kebari that match with specific tenkara techniques in the E-book

Right now we're running an experiment where we're offering you individualised offers of a discount. The platform we're using to distribute those downloads is currently based in dollars - but the secure card payment system will give a current estimate of the amount in your local currency if you click the button at the top of the order form. Any currency conversion just happens automatically, so it is very straightforward to buy. If you get in on the 10-minute offer, your copy will cost you just $5 (or about £3.90) instead of the regular full price of $15...

Our aim is to make you into a "Tenkara Hero" on-stream and I'm really pleased with the additional "Tenkara Technique Selector" and "Tactics vs. Fly Pattern Checklist" tools, diagrams of techniques, photographs of hand-positions that we've been able to include for you. It's especially pleasing because an earlier version of this content was one of the PDFs that we became unable to sell due to our split from our previous cameraman.

If you have friends who want to pimp their Euro-nymphing (or tenkara of course) with these manipulation techniques, please feel free to share it using the Social Share buttons on this page!






Eberhard Scheibe
Saturday, 15 September 2018  |  19:27

After reading and hopefully understanding this E-Book, I'm about to try out your hints. There is a very short time to do that because the season will end this month. I'm glad to be able to train some new tricks of my own Tenkara. Thanks!

Paul Gaskell
Saturday, 15 September 2018  |  20:04

Awesome Eberhard, please let us know of any late season successes and do post pictures in the Tenkara in Focus Facebook group if you like.