Karasu Launch: Pre-Order and Save

6 CommentsTuesday, 4 July 2017  |  Paul G

Hi Unfortunately the August 11th 2017 Pre-order deadline has now expired and no further orders for the very first, limited-run batch of Karasu rods are possible

However, when we re-stock you will be able to follow a link on this page to order from our store (or, if you are in the USA, please use the link to TenkaraBum's site below to order Karasu tenkara rods)




Here is some info on what to expect once you become a Karasu Owner...and that now includes the snazzy black "Karasu" spools:

"KARASU Owners' Club"

I look forward to sharing your Karasu experiences and photos in the special Karasu Owners Facebook Group - and of course you'll get our exclusive tips, videos and bonus content too. The group is your way to share and learn the best Karasu tenkara experiences in a friendly group atmosphere (including stories, tips and info from the elite Japanese crew who helped us so much during the development of our rods)

Very best wishes,

Paul and John

William Addison
Tuesday, 4 July 2017  |  16:47

John it was the 360 that you showed me on our guiding session together wasn't it - as I loved it's lightness?


Graham Stevens
Thursday, 13 July 2017  |  8:55

reading your spec regarding the Karasu rod you seem to indicate that not all Tenkara rods are built the same, not unusual, does that include the Tenkara Centre UK rods?

Paul Gaskell
Thursday, 13 July 2017  |  22:57

Hi Graham, the Tenkara Centre rods are made in China to a good standard - and like many companies' rods are a great route into the sport without breaking the bank. We also had some great DT special rods made through Tenkara Centre which cast and fish to a superb standard. The problem we had was the time needed for us to check the batch consistency on those higher spec rods, so while the rods were excellent when made correctly; that time demanded by pulling out any rods that were imperfect was restricting our ability to develop all our projects. That's why we've looked to a dedicated Japanese manufacturer in our quest to provide an outstanding Japanese fishing and casting experience for folks who are really onto their tenkara. Best wishes, Paul

Graham Stevens
Tuesday, 25 July 2017  |  13:27

Hi Paul I'm looking through the web pages trying to find the best rod for the UK rivers in winter for Grayling. You 've been there I'm sure up to your "nicki knacki nues" in the Dove or Derwent, on a frosty morning fishing three Czech nymphs hitting hard fighting Grayling and then when the day warms a hatch comes off whip the nymphs and tie on a spider or something small and then catch a few on the top.
To be fair this has not been an exhaustive trawl and after awhile I get somewhat blinded by the reviews and opinions. It seems though I'm being led toward the Japanese designed if not solely made in Japan rod. I have come back to the Karasu and would appreciate an opinion of the rod as to the above scenario

Paul Gaskell
Tuesday, 25 July 2017  |  17:52

Hi Graham, The intended speciality for these rods is excellent light-line and delicate casting performance - BUT with great hook-set power too. This makes (especially the 4-m model that would go well on the Dove and Derwent) excellent for wispy spiders and dries. However, the accidental benefit of the hook-set (and capacity for absorbing the fight with bigger fish) is that they handle weighted nymphs extremely well. Now, the usual caveat of not clattering the blank with a weighted fly definitely applies. However, should the worst happen, spare sections start at around £17 and gradually get more expensive as you go towards the handle. I hope that this helps

PS - the rods transmit sensation very well so you can feel everything that goes on at the business end when you're fishing sub-surface too.

Graham Stevens
Tuesday, 25 July 2017  |  18:34

Hi Paul Many thanks for the reply. It sounds like the 4m is the one I need to look at.