Fly Fishing Quiz

Saturday, 10 November 2018  |  Paul G

Fly Fishing Quiz #2

OK funky folks - up until April 30th 2019 you can enter our latest Fly Fishing Quiz to get a chance to win JP's actual flybox full of his Go-To patterns used in our filming trips to Japan and Italy!

Our April fly fishing quiz episode #2 has a strong Tenkara theme - BUT, never fear, you are allowed to use Google to find your answers. If you want a full, correct answers sheet AFTER the winner has been announced then each of our Patrons will be receiving a personal copy in the week following April 30th. You can join as a TiF TRiBE Patron by clicking on This Patreon Page Link

Don't forget to email your answers to BEFORE April 30th 2019


Fly Fishing Quiz #1

The dust has settled, prizes have been awarded and some beer drunk for our first ever live Global Fly Fishing Quiz for supporters of our Patreon Page. But, you can still play along with the video replay BELOW (even without the prizes) to see how good your knowledge and research skills are. Entrants who register for the live fly fishing quiz all receive a full Correct Answer Sheet after the scores have been calculated as a Patron's Perk.

WHILE the full answer sheet is a reward for registered Patreon quiz contestants - I've put some tips to guide your answer research below the video replay if you get super stuck. The aim of the quiz is to increase your knowledge - and the purpose of keeping the live event and the full answer-sheet exclusive to Patreon supporters is as a huge "Thank you" for helping to enable us to share our discoveries and footage with everyone. Thank you TiF TRiBE Patrons!

As you'll see in the video, the quiz questions range across the topics of European nymph-fishing (particularly the information anyone can access in our Free Email Tutorials) through to modern and traditional tenkara tactics and stories. 

Fly Fishing Quiz Tips & Clues

A mixture of tips plus some blatant "hand-holding" on the sources of the answers to the quiz (including what you might want to type in to Google) are given below: 

Q1: Google might respond to "FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships 2018"

Q2: Full story described in the very first free email lessons (

Q3: French Nymphing Lesson 2 in the email lessons should be helpful!

Q4: Googling "Tenkara in Focus" and scrolling down the DT site page for Episode 4 (but which season??)

Q5: Lesson "What Competition Anglers AND the Magazines Don’t Want You to Know” in the emails...

Q6: This one could be tricky if you have to research it (a really comprehensive article can be found on "Wayback Machine" internet archive of our old site (

Q7: Google "Tenkara Angler Magazine Master and the Stoneflies" (for both answers)

Q8: Google "Tenkara in Focus" and scroll down the DT page to Season 1 (Episode 2 because I'm feeling kind!)

Snake skin for fly tying: Fly fishing quiz question 9

Q9: Have a look at Christophe Laurent's excellent story for both answers:

Q10: Google "Tenkara" or "Tenkara Lowdown" and read the DT article (for the identity of both anglers)

Fly Fishing Quiz: What is this Presentation Technique Called?

Q11: This question rewards premium product owners (there's a personalised time-limited offer if you want to become one of those too):

Q12: Stacks and stacks of fishing knowledge (including how to get WAY more hook-ups when fishing downstream) from a 50-year veteran Hirata-san in the e-book content of

Q13: Hirata-san's unique approach to fly colour selection is also covered in the resource shown for Q12

Q14: Google "How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies" (the book containing the mistake) and look at ): for the more up to date definitions.

Q15: Also covered in the email lesson mentioned for Q5

Q16:  The diagram for the “Triangle of Awesome Fly Fishing Advantage TM” or “Triangle of Awesome” for short appears in the Email lesson “Tenkara in Flat water and the Triangle of Stealth” (as well as other places

So how did you do? For fun, some folks have compared their "With Google" and "Without Google" scores!

If you fancy getting in on the next live quiz that we run (we plan to allow 48 hours to get your answers in if you want to compete for the prizes) then we'd be delighted to welcome you as a TiF TRiBE Patron via:

Let me and JP know what you thought of this first attempt at a live quiz (including any suggestions that we might be able to act on in future) - and use the social share buttons on this page to show off your "mad quiz-skillz" to your friends.