Tenkara & Fly Fishing: October Updates

Sunday, 28 October 2018  |  Paul G

Discover Tenkara & Tenkara in Focus Updates

Last night I put up a Facebook live video to let everyone know what me and JP have been working on over summer and autumn. WHILST THESE ARE ALL "WORKS IN PROGRESS" we wanted to keep you up to date because we're really psyched about every project. We also realise that not everyone is on Facebook (and also that it's much harder to reach folks on Facebook since the update of their notifications system). Because the video was streamed live, it is of a low resolution - but you can check it out in full below NOTE to Enter the first Quiz, you'll need to be one of our PATREON Patrons, you can join here: 



Stuff with Reels and No Reels Plus a "Live Quiz" Experiment

How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies: AUDIOBOOK

This is something that has come about as a clear message in your feedback from talking to as many of our customers as possible (thank you!). The time available for actually fishing is precious and short enough...so the time to LEARN about fishing is subject to even more pressure. One thing that I've found incredibly useful for learning Japanese is the ability to take podcasts and audiobooks so that I can listen to them while doing other jobs that weigh on my own time. Whether that is driving for work or the morning school-run - or listening while completing physical tasks (or just relaxing before bed) - audio is a very powerful medium for absorbing new skills with very little effort!

Audiobook recording

Almost done with recording "How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies" audiobook

Karasu Givewaway: Preview Announcement

We'll soon be running our competition to give away over $1000 of rods to a single winner. The Karasu 360 has been nominated by Kazumi Saigo as "the best 360 tenkara rod on the market" and its big brother the 400 delivers a ton of finesse in a rod that can cope with bigger fish and bigger rivers than the "light-wand" 360. Both have incredible accuracy, the ability to cast ultra light level lines while still retaining exceptional hook-set capabilities. Watch this space for the contest!!

Karasu 400 and specimen Iwana caught by Kazumi Saigo in Pristine Japanese Stream

Karasu 400 and specimen Iwana caught by Kazumi Saigo in Pristine Japanese Stream

New Video Media

Both of the "how to" projects that we've been working on all year are designed to inspire you as much as to take your skills to the next level. John's footage and settings that we've captured between us have blown us away, so we hope to pass on that same sense to you. There's also some real stand out footage that will be used in purely experiential projects that celebrate the enjoyment around lives lived through fishing.

Of course, I'll be filling you in on updates on all those projects as soon as I can...