Tenkara in Focus Episode 6: Italian/Japanese Fusion Styles

2 CommentsMonday, 27 March 2017  |  Paul G

Gorgeous scenes from both Italian and Japanese Paradise rivers...AND Secret Competition Nymph/Tenkara Fusion Methods of Takahashi-san for tackling "impossible" high-traffic rivers (with bonus premium content Here & Here available at a reduced price until Tuesday 4th April 2017)

PLUS - scroll down to see Vito's wonderful full-length interview embedded below.

IF you want to know how Mr. Shin Takahashi successfully caught & released multiple fish for his class of 20 students on a river mobbed with anglers…

Then Takahashi-san’s 40-minute Video lesson gives you those secrets. PLUS, the double bonus of commentary and interactive questions from Youth World Gold-medal winning (ex) competition angler Uberto Calligarich.

Through Uberto's insightful questions and Takahashi-san's masterclass demo you will find out:

  • How to find the fish that are overlooked by other anglers on the most difficult waters (and make them an offer they can't refuse!)
  • An exclusive nymph-manipulation technique that has not even been covered in my dedicated "manipulations" video and pdf content
  • Why it pays to use nymphs with a range of sinking-rates - especially in rivers with high angler traffic and Catch & Release fishing
  • A super-effective hack for nymph fishing in slow water (by making use of the "unloved" feathers in your tying kit)
  • What to look for to tell when to set the hook AND when to set the hook without seeing anything (This is the exact same "in-case" tactic used at the end of each drift by competition anglers)
  • Takahashi-san's secret weapon "short hook-set" tactic for increasing his conversion of "eats" to "hook-ups"

...and much more so get in now before the price hike on Tuesday 4th April (as ever this is essential for us to be able to set our next month's budget)

I want the Video Lesson Download

THEN - if you want to know how to chain these individual tactics into a sequential approach that stops you spooking fish BEFORE you find the hot tactic of the day...You'll find it all laid out in my PDF technical breakdown (an Instant pick-up and use strategy)...

Taking Takahashi-san's Expert Tenkara Nymphing Skills from the PDF gives you the following bonus benefits ON TOP of the Video Lesson:

  • The right sequence of fly changes that will give you the most information about the fish AND minimize your chances of spooking fish before they have had chance to eat your fly
  • WHY that sequence works – and how it relates to our previous lessons on fly manipulations
  • The TWO secret fly patterns from Takahashi-san's box that he used with such success during his on-stream video lesson
  • A simple - but so often overlooked - aspect of the classic “Semenai tokoro” or “Sao-nuke” ideas that highlight the benefits of finding fish that have not been targeted by previous anglers (and exactly how you can do that)
  • The importance of the correct “contact” with your fly (a light, almost imperceptible tension between your rod tip and fly)
  • A vital habit at the end of each drift (that you also find in formal competition nymph fishing) where a “just in case” hook-set is used to check if a fish has grabbed hold of your fly without giving any indication on the line
  • How to start to be  a “fishing detective” and use the way that fish respond to your deliberate changes in tactics to work out what those fish are doing

I'll also bet that there are many important things in the video lesson that, without the analysis in the pdf, you would miss out on. So this simple downloadable booklet is an essential multiplier of the value in the fantastic, exclusive video lesson; don't get left behind with your technical know-how...

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Now - as promised - please enjoy the entire interview that we were blessed with from Vito "Tsurikichi" Rubino. Filmed in Northern Italy in the summer of 2016.




I hope you loved this episode and I know that you'll be blown away by the premium download content (fascinating, highly-effective fusion tactics, multiple fish captures, lovely light and beautiful settings; what an enjoyable way to increase your own success on stream).


This combination of enjoyment, culture and strong technique development is EXACTLY what Discover Tenkara (and Tenkara in Focus) is all about!





PS - Please comment below and let us know how we are doing with the Episodes and our Exclusive Download Content :) :) 





David Boshell
Friday, 31 March 2017  |  1:51

A really inspiring episode, guys. With the added bonus of Vito at length!
The premium (and incredibly sharp) video with Uberto's commentary and Paul' s follow-up exposition was quite thoughtprovoking in highlighting the importance of fishing depth of such subtlety. Even fly patterns!

David Noll
Tuesday, 4 April 2017  |  15:24

Great job guys. Maybe the best yet.