Amano-san: Hand-tying his Kebari in the 1980's

2 CommentsFriday, 10 March 2017  |  Paul G

In the 1980's a (very young-looking!) Dr. Ishigaki made a TV program that compared the tenkara of some established anglers of the day (he even analyses the different casting and "sasoi" or fly-manipulation styles - particularly of Takekabu-san and Amano-san).

The whole program is worth a watch - just be aware that the fish-handling of the 1980's in Japan (and still today with the predominance of catch and kill in many Japanese rivers) will appear crude next to modern C & R fishing that western anglers are now practising widely.

A few things stand out for me - obviously the quite eccentric-looking casting stroke that Takekabu-san uses to cast his 8-m level line with a relatively short, stiff rod is one. Another is the fascinating tying using a set of forceps (or hemostats if you are American) of Takekabu-san's wool-bodied "Jun" (regular) hackled kebari (starting at 17min 31 seconds into the video)

Other things to check out are Amano-san's "under-the-rod-tip" casting stroke and silky-smooth "sasoi" pulses of his "Sakasa" (reverse) hackled kebari (catching some large fish on large "honryu" rivers with a supple cane rod)...and the clip that I've cued up below of him tying his kebari that is perfectly suited to his "Sasoi" style of tenkara. The form of his fly perfectly follows on from it's required function (more of this in future blog posts!!).

For now, check out the young Amano-san tying his flies in his fingers....

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Saturday, 11 March 2017  |  20:43

The video title is 「テンカラの達人1」, Tenkara Masters1. It was one of 4 videos made by Dr. Ishigaki over about an 8 or ten year period. Part of the WSF, Weekly Sunday Fishing series of videos.

You can read more about them one these two websites: .

afaik Takekabu-san's casting style would be called - 紀州テンカラ竹株流トバシ [or 紀州テンカラ竹株流飛ばし] Kishū Takekabu-ryū (Style) tobashi (Skip or Flying, as in flying through the air).
The Japanese text may translate digitally as - Kishu tenkara bamboo stock flow tobashi. Tobashi (飛ばし), Skip. Toba (飛ば) Fly or Flying.

The following website asks or describes - 紀州テンカラ竹株流トバシとは. Kishū Tenkara Takekabu-Style Tobashi to wa.
BTW - Takekabu-san is known by his legal name, and a pin-name: 竹株 ・渓遊 & 竹株 ・希朗氏. .

In 2010 there were four post on the Yoshida-Kebari blog about Takekabu Style Tobashi : 竹株流トバシ ~ 竹株流トバシ4. Do a google search using either of those phrases , or 竹株流 毛鉤, Takekabu Style Kebari will probably find them. For those interested. Here is the link to part 2: .

Direct link to where Takekabu-san ties his kebari using forceps stream side in the video: .

Also kind of fun, imo.

Paul Gaskell
Saturday, 11 March 2017  |  20:47

Awesome info as always David. Thanks for all your research and contributions