Tenkara in Focus Episode 3 Now Live

Friday, 23 December 2016  |  Paul G


If you'd love a personal lesson on a Japanese Stream from Kura-san and Go-san, you can tag along with Alan's private lesson experience on this month's premium download video


Don't miss out on the extra tips and info in the technical breakdown (this also locks in the key messages from the video lesson that will give you the biggest improvements for your own tenkara skillset).


What is so special about this month's In Focus Insider content? Well, Kura-san and Go are not normally available for teaching. They do most of their skills development within a close-knit group of fellow tenkara obsessives in Japan - "workshopping" techniques amongst themselves (and building on lessons of masters, past and present). So, outside of this hotbed of talent development, it is pretty much impossible to benefit from their knowledge on a one-to-one basis...Let alone ask questions along the way as Alan (an experienced and accomplished angler in his own right) does. 

In this way, Alan acts as your voice to put the questions to Go and Kura-san. Finding out during his 40-minute personal tenkara masterclass:

  • A Foolproof preparation routine (including the astonishingly simple step that lets you avoid a common "glass ceiling" in your casting accuracy and presentation)
  • The most frequent pitfalls that do the most damage to your chances on-stream (and easy tactics to avoid falling into them)
  • How to use current features and structure to conceal yourself (while still letting you put your fly in front of a feeding fish)
  • Demonstration of the best pace to cover the water for tenkara (and also when you should not change your position)
  • How to move around stream without spoiling your chances of catching fish
  • Changing position and angle to gain increased control over your presentation (and how altering the angle of attack can provoke a response in a previously unwilling fish)
  • Seeing and using the most gentle "hackle-animating" fly manipulation (a very under-appreciated but highly-effective tweak)
  • Understanding the sequence of casts that keep your chances of enjoying success as high as possible

This downloadable HD video lesson is available at the reduced price of £11.99 (Plus VAT were eligible) for a limited period this month: CLICK HERE to buy now.


To maximise the benefit of the video lesson (and also gain invaluable extra tactics), you can pair your MP4 download with the In Focus Insider Lesson notes.

This PDF provides a surgical breakdown of the techniques for success used by Kazuo Kurahashi and Go Ishii on some of the most demanding rivers in Japan...You can't fail to benefit from insights like:

  • Which (super-common) ways are you shooting yourself in the foot before you've even made a cast? 
  • The 3 tell-tale fish habits that Kura-san looks for before starting to fish (and how he uses these "giveaways" to choose his approach **NOT featured in the video lesson**)
  • How to use the "box approach" to move around the river and drastically cut down the number of fish you scare before they get chance to see your fly
  • Simple but powerful intelligence points to gather before and DURING your fishing to guide your tactical choices
  • The obscure, high-level trick to draw fish out of fast water and induce easy-to-hook "eats" of your fly (this is the water ignored by most fly fishers)
  • The value of gently animating the hackle of your fly (and not much more!) by super-subtle "luring" or "manipulation"
  • Positional thinking that puts you in control of the pace and position of your fly
  • The sequence and pace of covering spots on the river that will give you the best chance of enjoying success on tough days/rivers

...and more vital insights

The Insider Lesson Notes PDF is available to download, for a limited time, at the reduced price of £6.99 (+VAT where eligible) by CLICKING HERE

Perhaps you'd like to see what Alan's own reaction was to his on-stream masterclass experience? Well, he simply had this to say: 

"I felt blessed with a special privilege... On stream tuition from 2 tenkara masters at the top of their game...it doesn't get much better than this!"

Alan Swann, Cumbria, UK

That just about sums it up perfectly I'd say but you can also be assured that you don't risk a penny when downloading our premium content...


To date, we have experienced no "money-back" returns claims for any of the Tenkara in Focus download content, so you can buy with the full expectation that the material will deliver all of the unique insights (and more) described above.


And with that, all that remains is for me to extend the very best (Festive Season) wishes to you. Both myself and John really hope you love the special holiday edition of Tenkara in Focus and that you find many things that add to enjoyment and success of your time on stream...


Paul (and John and Dean)