Tenkara in Focus Episode 2 Now LIVE

1 CommentSunday, 27 November 2016  |  Paul G


The premium content for this episode is an unmatched opportunity to be coached in the fundamental fly manipulation and presentation tactics of Japanese tenkara.

You will learn the essential skills, timing and good posture (as well as how to understand and recognise opportunities to use these techniques). The presentation tactics include :

Anchoring (Tome-zuri), Upstream manipulation (Upstream "sasoi"), Two different Reverse-pull presentations (Gyaku-biki), Side-pull manipulations (yoko-biki), Slotting (downstream controlled drift), Line-sailing (using the wind), Sail-slotting (Line sailing to control downstream pace), Pause/Feed (Tome-okuri) and more...Buy now  before the price rises to £12.99 each for both PDF and Video downloads!

In Focus Insider Manipulations Video - https://gumroad.com/products/KGOowD (limited time offer at £9.99)

In Focus Insider E-book: PG's Manipulations - https://gumroad.com/products/CiTEM (limited time offer at £9.99)

Email Lesson Sign up pagehttp://discover-tenkara.com/subscriber-country/ (Free)


Content Timestamps: 
5 min 10s: Shouichi Saitou Interview on Rod-building & Tenkara
17 min 45s: Bamboo rod (show & tell and fishing plus special net!)
24 min 30s: Sampler Tuition on Manipulated Presentations
36 min 45s: Ubi's Tenkara line storage tip
39 min 45s: Kura-san Interview
47 min 23s: Premium In Focus Insider Content Expo

I hope that you love this episode and I'm really excited to be able to bring you this complete Fly Manipulation Coaching Course - It is a real "Tenkara University" module on how to multiply your enjoyment and chances of success on-stream.



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David Walker
Saturday, 3 December 2016  |  19:41

Guys, another great blog post. And a - Most excellent Kebari Manipulation techniques video & ebook. Best I ever saw ( and could really understand, mostly) ; -)

A drifty question. On Japanese Tenkara websites I have seen them differentiate between dead drift fishing (デッドドリフト釣り) and natural drift fishing (ナチュラルドリフト釣り). Have you picked up such a distinction or hold one yourselves ? I've mostly used the two names interchangeably. Maybe that's wrong. The idea seems to be - Think dead drift is dead bug drift. Natural drift is live bug drift ( yet sasoi wasn't mentioned as I recall).

I have formed the belief that dead/natural drift is not a motionless fishing method. That mostly the fish take the fly as soon as it splashes down (if you hit the right spot), or during the uptake beginning the next cast. Mostly the drift phase is not so much to attract the fish, it's main benefit, when done right, is to not spook the fish away from taking it while he's thinking about it. Maybe 65% of takes at beginning or end of the drift. And 35% of takes during the 3 - 5 second drift phase. Just pulling number out of my, ah, hat.

Some form of Tobashi (飛ばし) will mean Skipping, Skating or Flying, as in flying through the air, fly ball. For shorthand the technique using reverse pull skipping the fly on the water surface. I would just call it gyakubiki tobashi. (逆引き飛ばし), to retain a bit of spirit from it's place of origin.

Looking forward to the next one.