Black Friday to Cyber Monday Rods and Downloads Craziness...

Friday, 25 November 2016  |  Paul G

Here's a chance to treat yourself to some fantastic tenkara swag (don't miss the digital download offers beneath the rods too!).

From today until Monday 28th Nov you will save £20 on every one of the last 25 in the current stock of our premium zoom rod the "Hakusan". And I also need to let you know that these are the last of this current batch (which was ordered before Brexit was announced and the pound crashed!!). 

What this means is that (with import duty and the exchange rate for the currency we pay our suppliers) - any future re-ordering of the Hakusan will almost double the retail price that we need to charge in order to make it viable for us...

For these three days, by being one of the first 25 customers, you can get your Hakusan for just the £149.99 promo-sale price-tag. When the stock hits zero, that chance is completely gone (I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but there's no getting round the simple impact of that new exchange rate).



DT Rods Trailer from Discover Tenkara on Vimeo.


Last Otaki in stock
I spoke to Dean this morning and, although I'd planned on making a big splash about the Otaki, it turns out that we've sold right down to our very last one - so the first customer to grab that at its £145 price tag will also avoid the same problem with future exchange rate...

Both of these rods (in our favoured matt/anti-flash finish) have got rave reviews from top tenkara anglers in Japan and BOTH score huge on our top 10 industry insider tests. So if you want a real-deal premium tenkara rod, the Hakusan and Otaki are exactly that. Don't miss out.


If you order ANY of our rods over the next three days - You can email me and get a bespoke SINGLE USE 50% discount code for ANY OF OUR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRODUCTS AND BUNDLES. This includes the Honryu and Masu rods in addition to Hakusan and Otaki.

Please note, you need to GET THE CODE FROM ME FIRST before you go ahead and order your download on the Gumroad platform.

You can email me for your special code on, I'll go ahead and verify your rod purchase and then generate a special code (or multiple special codes if you want several download products) so that you can pay just half price on any of our downloadable videos and pdf e-books.

You can check out our available rod range here:

And you can browse our full range of downloadable products here:

 (note most products are available in $USD or £GBP versions and NOTE that VAT is charged if you live in an eligible country! So it is good to browse thoroughly)

If you've been after any of our bundle products for a while, you can quite quickly save yourself almost the price of a rod by using this crazy Half-Off price offer.

Very best wishes and I hope you find the perfect holiday-season treats for yourself in our offer.


PS - Our good friend Isaac Tait found an amazing, free pdf-reader app that he is enjoying using for our downloadable pdf products (he can annotate, bookmark and also store all his downloads via cloud-storage and it works really well with his i-phone). I will dig out his email and publish that info on as soon as I can find it...Isaac reckons it is an awesome tool for enjoying his Gumroad content from us...Thanks Isaac, that is a great find!