First Ever Episode of Tenkara in Focus Now Live!

1 CommentTuesday, 25 October 2016  |  Paul G

Here it is, Season 1, Episode 1 of our MAJOR new project to share the wonderful culture, techniques, characters and stories of the fly fishing method that has captured our hearts and imaginations.

To get the maximum out of this episode; Check out our unbelievable "In Focus Insider" products that will help take your understanding, enjoyment and techniques to the next level:

Dr Ishigaki's Full On-stream Seminar from 2013 as full HD MP4 Download (Now with additional technical breakdown commentary from the DT team) - Attendees were happy to pay their £120 entry fee to get on this day-long event.

The Simple Set of Insider Breakdown Lesson Notes (pdf).

(Some of the unfairest advantages that this seminar and these notes will give you are listed on this page - below the video - in our patented "Punchy Bullet List of Cool Stuff" :) )




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You’re probably thinking “Should I bother with the paid downloads??”

If you are wondering just what the benefits are and why you should get in on this (time-limited) offer now, then there are some very simple reasons for you:

  • Get the secret advantages of splashy fly presentation (so long as you avoid one simple error)
  • Find out when Dr Ishigaki uses tungsten bead-head kebari (!), how he changes the length and softness/stiffness of the hackles on his kebari patterns (!!) and also the size of his kebari depending on conditions…
  • See, pause and re-watch the right way to make your rod do the work for you when you use “manipulated” presentations (Dr Ishigaki has spend years developing his “sasoi” techniques)
  • When you read my Free email lessons on fly manipulations, you’ll see that I stress many times over that the most important thing is how to Feed slack into the line between each pulse – and NOT just concentrate on the pulling/pulsing of the fly! (Dr Ishigaki is an absolute master at this – and you need to see this demonstrated in motion not only described in words)
  • How and when to lay line down on the water’s surface (and when this is the kiss of death to your success)
  • Get the timing and rhythm of fly manipulations from one of the world’s smoothest tenkara “sasoi” exponents
  • Pick up a simple tweak that helps you manage your drifts on windy days
  • Steal Dr Ishigaki’s famous “rock-solid base” stances for comfort, casting accuracy, drift-control and avoiding fatigue during fishing
  • Double the value of all Dr Ishigaki’s demonstrations (and enjoy advantages that were not available “live” during his on-stream demo) by soaking up our “key-points” commentary and “post-match analysis” on both the video and written lesson notes
  • Learn the sweet spot distance and pace to move your fly when practicing “sasoi” across the stream and downstream

…and much more – you will find more detail and more secret benefits each time you re-watch and re-read these amazing, exclusive “access all areas” resources that deliver the secrets of the worlds’ best tenkara anglers right to your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Over time this will build up into an incredibly valuable library of tactics, knowledge and skills that you can dip into at any time. But because we need to get an early idea on how much resource we can plough back into producing the next batches of content, we need to make a time-limited offer on the low price.

After Monday November 21st, the bargain costs (just £2.99 and £6.99 for pdf and video in turn) will rise to £4.99 and £9.99 respectively. Payments are all processed in dollars via the Gumroad platform (and will be subject to VAT if you live in a country that applies that tax)

Our ability to produce future, high-quality episodes totally depends on knowing where we are with recovering a proportion of the costs of production.

But to make sure that you don’t risk a penny, for this brand new venture, we are offering a month-long 100% money back guarantee. That totally crazy offer for downloadable content is a measure of how confident we are that you will get amazing value, see and feel wonderful results in your own fishing experiences…

So get in on the bonus paid content now, it is a great investment in the quality of your precious time on-stream.



Tuesday, 25 October 2016  |  15:06

Really like the format! Inspired idea. Looking forward to continuing to learn a lot from you guys!