Transform your Nymphing Success with this Astonishing “Black-box recording” Video Bonus (on its own worth much more than the total Nymphing Handbook bundle promotion cost)

Thursday, 20 October 2016  |  Paul G

Dear fellow nymph-fishing nut, if you’d like to share in a piece of my good luck, let me prove these three unbelievable statements to you:

  1. Why I’m astonished and delighted at what I found when I was wiping my memory card last December
  2. How one of the worst, accidental audio recordings I’ve ever heard will become the most valuable (and transformative) advice you could have for your autumn and winter nymph fishing
  3. Why I’m including a whopping One hour and 4 minutes of “behind closed doors” private tying and fishing tuition (with Q & A) on 5 brand new, sparkling High Definition Video Downloads (with content that is easily worth £25/$35) FOR ZERO ADDITIONAL PAYMENT(!!) in the Fast Track To Nymphing Mastery “Power Bundle”

I had a problem last winter and - like many examples of outrageous good luck that I’ve benefited from in my own fishing over the years - that problem could turn into one of the biggest boosts to your own on-stream results this year.

You see, I’d been booked to give an evening of live fly-tying and in-depth tactical discussion to a small private audience of clients. The problem was I’d just taken delivery of a new digital SLR camera that I hoped to use to display the tying details in glorious High Definition on a large TV screen…Only, the audience had arrived and I still had not found the right camera settings option that let me extend the “auto power-off” duration…

…So as an “on the hoof” quick-fix I just jabbed the “record” button to make sure that the camera feed would not get cut off halfway through a vital piece of a tying sequence. It worked great, and I was relieved that the evening turned into a fantastic success with the audience able to see everything clearly on the screen.

Fast forward several weeks to when I needed to free up space on my camera’s memory card and I was puzzled by the massive block of video data hogging my (quite large) card storage space. I didn’t recognise the date or what is was so, as I was pushed for time, I almost hit the “format” button to completely wipe everything…(AND IF I HAD, WELL - THE PICTURE BELOW WOULD LOOK VERY DIFFERENT)...

But something warned me that this could be quite a stupid thing to do when I did not know what I was about to destroy. Well, to cut to the chase, it turned out to be an entire video record of the tying evening – including each tiny detail enjoyed by the audience.

Ah, it’s a pity I didn’t try to record the audio” I thought “The questions from the audience made me give away a far bigger range of details and insights than I’d ever planned before the event”.

That’s when I bumped up the volume on my laptop and found that I’d accidentally captured everything on the little “on-board” microphone in the camera. The problem was, I’d not taken the trouble to either set up a proper mic or the proper “gain settings” for capturing the sound cleanly. So I was disappointed that what could have been a wonderful resource would never be fit for publication…

When you think it had the potential to pass on all the things below, I’m sure you’ll be a bit disappointed too:

  • A complete demonstration of a “functional fly” concept that has more effect on your chances of catching fish than simple “close-copy” approaches
  • Audience discussions that drew out many more secrets than I’d intended to give away at the beginning of the night
  • Five proven “kick-ass fish-catcher” fly patterns that are easy to match to specific conditions on stream (and how to use them)
  • Our secret “weighted anchor-hackle nymph” dressing style used in an overlooked and deadly technique smuggled out of Japan and adapted for conditions of strong wind and complex currents which frustrate many good fly anglers
  • Full dressing demonstrations so that you can include each performance feature into any of your flies whenever you choose (from streamlined/fast-sinking, quick-tie mobility, hot-spots, high contrast, extreme mobility, current-grabbing “anchoring” in weighted and unweighted sunk flies and many insider tips on how to include those functions in your fishing).
  • Unique chance to walk through some of the most important and effective tactics and concepts in the European Nymph Fishing E-book in a live tying demonstration…

Just two weeks ago, I came across the footage again and (during one of our “put the world to rights” phone-calls) mentioned it to JP. He said “bring it over and let’s see what we can rescue in the recording studio…

Now, John has worked what I can only describe as magic to recover an audio track that we can use – but there are still a handful of sizzles and a low hiss in a few spots which, naturally, will prevent us from charging top dollar for the final product.

But think about this for a second; from next week you will be able to get those amazing benefits listed above in what should be a £25/$30 product at a full retail price of £12.50...(and if I'm totally honest, the production quality is still way higher than almost anything else out there on fly tying!!).

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I have quickly come to think of this unique insider video as like an accidental “black-box recording” of an exclusive private demonstration of what I now know to be truly outstanding fish-catching concepts using simple nymph patterns.

Either that or some kind of self-inflicted “Watergate” surveillance recording of an evening of inner-circle nymph-fishing secrets!!

However you think of it, one of the main things that really magnifies its effect is that I answer many of the questions that you would have asked (and that I would not otherwise have spoken about) as I tackle what the audience throws at me.

Want to check out what the audio and video are like?? Here is a short teaser for you: