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Wednesday, 19 October 2016  |  Paul G

Today I've got another free key teaching point for you below and another vital announcement...

First the announcement:

If you already bought our brand new E-book the "Handbook of European Nymph Fishing: The Simple Path To Mastery", then today this free bonus (normal full price £11.98) will be added to your available downloads.

Don't worry if you've NOT already bought in (and definitely don't worry if you already own this particular bonus, because Friday's "Stolen" video bonus will be a shock to your system). But I will also explain fully the reason for including today's bonus below...


The big reason for me to include the entire Western Fly Fishing Methods PDF download course (with two bonus chapters that are only available within those pdfs), was prompted by (Norway-based Guide) Chris Hendrik's review of our materials.

To cut a long story short, the combination of the Nymphing Handbook and the full content of the Western Fly Fishing Course gives you a multiplier effect on your understanding and success. As always, we've done the heavy lifting for you - and each skill or tactic breakdown is much (MUCH) easier for you to absorb than it was for us to learn for ourselves!

Just by way of a throwaway lesson and example of what I mean by that multiplier effect...

Remember from last Friday's blog I gave you just one way to instantly increase the "contact" and sensitivity of your nymphing rigs?

Well you can take that and combine it with the "sight fishing for unsighted fish" methods that are described in the Western Fly Fishing Course (where you train yourself to look for the turning flash of a fish beneath the surface to tell you when to set the hook).

Then you add a dash of the advice from the Nymphing Handbook Chapter where we explain that a brightly-coloured bead-head is not just good for attracting fish (they are also good as sub-surface sight indicators for anglers!!)....But there is a problem...

In low-water/bright sunshine conditions fish are often spooked by the indicator (or the end of your bright casting line) when you switch to a short tippet for accuracy and increased "contact".

ONE solution is to remove the indicator completely (and if you are tenkara fishing, you might want to switch to a drab-coloured casting line - btw natural, dark horse-hair works really well in that "stealth-mode"!).

There is another solution that you can use for fishing on a short-line when the fish are too deep (or the water unsuitable) for you to see your fly or the fish turning on it....

But you'll have to download the "Handbook of European Nymph Fishing" E-book PDF to get your hands on that one!

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