How you can use the Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Nymph Anglers to Maximise Your Confidence and Results on Stream

2 CommentsMonday, 17 October 2016  |  Paul G

Want to know a badly-kept secret in the fishing industry?

There’s a mess of online and other published advice that will actually stall your progress in successful nymph fishing. It is a confusing “cake mix” of everything from “half-right” through “pretty-good” right down to “dead wrong” guidance. Just try to make sense of the waves of conflicting instructions (and arguments) that come out of any online forum thread on the subject…

Trying to pick the right guidance from that is zero fun and almost useless to you.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to possess a simple, clear and powerful approach to take on-stream with you and call upon whenever you fish?

If you join me and JP on the streams where the astonishing and world-beating methods of Czech nymphing were developed (and follow our results on the “laboratory” of our home streams), then we guarantee to give you the secrets of:

  • Marksman accuracy for placing your nymphs in the hotspots preferred by the biggest fish (without getting snagged and wasting time breaking off and re-tying flies)
  • 3 magic trick methods that let you sink your fly deep on demand (without changing your fly)
  • How to make your nymphs instantly “come alive” to wake up reluctant fish
  • The overlooked, “oddball” method for efficiently covering featureless runs using nymphs AND streamers on a French leader rig
  • Step by step breakdowns of:
    • Czech short-line tactics (with special “induced take upgrades” that extend the basics given in your free email lessons)
    • Tweaked rigs and specialised flies developed for extra-powerful rivers (with specific, separate, rigs developed to let you master big Scottish and Slovenian rivers
    • How to fine tune your dropper spacing and length for “hair-trigger” sensitivity bite detection
    • When (and Why) to use the heaviest fly on the point or on the dropper position (this one tip transforms your success when you know how to use the direction of the flow to choose your rig)
    • A Quirky “old-school” dropper fly choice used on a tweaked “trio” rig that emerger- feeding fish can’t seem to resist (and which works wonders on drowned-spinner-feeding fish too)
    • How and Why to master old-fashioned upstream nymphing so that you can multiply your success when using French nymphing tactics (and so you can easily and effectively cover a nymphing run by making just one simple fly change if you are having a mostly “dry-fly day”)
    • Specialised French-leader rigs that use dropper-spacing to change the “angle of attack” of your flies
    • Rigging methods for “duo” and “trio” tactics (and the kiss of death error that instantly destroys the most effective part of those methods)...PLUS
  • 10 rock-solid, proven fly patterns that cover a vast range of fishing scenarios (photographed in fine detail and supplied with all dressing details so you can’t go wrong)
  • Clear, easy-to-follow diagrams that give you the methods and rigs used by the most successful and confident nymph anglers in the world

Please understand that this is all Completely Separate (and actually multiplies the value of) the vital “foundation content” in our email tutorials…

…You can only find it in the new PDF E-book publication of our “Handbook of European Nymph Fishing: The Simple Path To Mastery”

How come we’ve been able to compile such an outrageously-effective nymphing toolkit??

As usual for us it is just a product of the blind good fortune to be so obsessed with fishing that we inevitably stumbled into some amazing anglers as we were learning the ropes.

That obsession eventually also lead us to experience the wonderful fishing on rivers in the Czech Republic like the Vltava, Otava, Kamenice and Jizera – places where many of these methods were invented and then HONED to perfection.

You might also wonder if the information in this book is actually adding something new or useful to what is already out there? Well, this is the biggest fear that you have to overcome as an author (before you even put pen to paper…).

What convinced me to go ahead was when I realised that just the information in the single “Ninja Secrets” chapter alone more than justifies the entire price of entry...

It contains tactical tweaks that nobody else that I know of has ever published before – and it is full of the kind of closely-guarded secrets that the best competition anglers in the world use to gain their unfair advantages over everyone else.

Because of the length of the list above I can understand if you feel that the advice will be either overwhelming or “only useful for the Hot-shots”…Well, the good news is that you can just add these tactics one at a time. Each one will raise your chances and your confidence (you don’t need to have absolutely everything nailed down to perfection before you start enjoying results).

In fact, by following just two or three of the suggested tactics and tips you could easily double your success on either tough or easy days on stream.

The PDF-format e-book is just 106 pages long and it includes a lot of diagrams and photos; so it is easy to digest. We also include several short stories as a fun way to prove how we discovered and tested different methods at home and abroad. You’ll probably find that stories are the most relaxed way of learning without effort (and without realising it!).

So by now you might be thinking “yeah, OK, what’s this going to cost me?” well first of all let me explain why we use the external “Gumroad” platform for our downloadable products…

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John Saive
Sunday, 23 October 2016  |  8:45

Cannot download e book offer john

Paul Gaskell
Sunday, 23 October 2016  |  8:53

Hi John I'll follow up by email, but first of all there might be some helpful hints in this trouble shooting guide