Trouble shooting Gumroad Downloads

Friday, 13 May 2016  |  Paul G

I've had a few messages from people who have had trouble downloading our free giveaways.

If this is something you recognise (!) then I've made a short guide that should help greatly.

GENERAL PROBLEMS (scroll down for iPad advice...)

First of all:

  1. please watch this short walk-through video that takes you right from the product page through to opening up your downloaded file.
  2. Then check out the Check List of common issues and solutions:

Here is the video guide:

Now, here is the troubleshooting check list (including for products where you need to enter "0" in the price box to get them for free:

  1. You don't need the Gumroad app (in fact it seems to cause problems on some devices). Solution: Just fill in the price box with the digit 0 and click "I want this". Then, after a minute or so, go to your email account to look for an new message from Gumroad...
  2. If you have problems when you enter "0" TRY ENTERING "0.00" instead! (strange but true apparently!)
  3. When you go to your email inbox (and please make SURE that you type in you email address absolutely perfectly in Gumroad!) - if the new message is not in your inbox then try this...Solution: check your "filtered mail" folders. These include folders like "junk", "spam" and even "Promotions" or "Social" tabs in gmail and other email programs.
  4. Once you have found the message, open it and click to "display pictures", then you can easily click on the button labelled "Download" - just remember from the video above to make a note of the name of the file (and it makes life much easier if you know where your email program downloads files to as its default setting): For some files This download process can take five minutes or more depending on your internet connection speed.

I hope that if you ever have any problems with our downloads that the above guidance will solve them for you, but please find below my quick guidance that is specific to iPad Users

iPad Download problems for PAID MEDIA on Gumroad

Thanks to Mark S who flagged up his problem this morning. It inspired me to borrow my Father-in-law's iPad and try to sort things out.

Basically, the email that is supposed to arrive from Gumroad had gone missing...

So here is what to try (that worked for me):

  • Go back to the link for your product on the Gumroad page
  • Underneath the "I want this" button - there should be a box that says "You've already purchased this product"
  • Below that there is a button labelled "download" - click or tap this and wait...Then...


  1. PDF (eventually) opens in Safari on iPad.
  2. Tap somewhere on the page.
  3. A toolbar opens at the top of the page with "Open in iBooks" as one of the buttons. Tap this button.
  4. The book PDF is saved in the iBooks library on the iPad and then opens up in iBooks.
  5. The book PDF file is synced back to the computer next time you connect to iTunes.

I hope that this may help (and I suspect that you should be open/save MP4 files in iTunes following the same method).

Yours, An apologetic PC user,