Biology of Fly Fishing Part 4 - Final Piece

Tuesday, 11 December 2018  |  Paul G

Biology of Fly Fishing CONCLUSION: Part 4 of "A Biohacker's Guide"

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We really want to let you know how grateful we are for your participation in this series - and especially for the massive amounts of helpful feedback given when we were developing the format for the Audio recordings that accompany our book "How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies". Thank you.

The Aim of the Game

At the end of it all - this approach is about appreciating wild fish, their behavior and the places they live. Join like-minded folks in our How to Fool Fish with Simple Flies Audio Membership Site.

Biohackers Guide to Fly Fishing Streamer Capture


Both myself and JP really hope that you've got a lot out of this whole series - and we'd be delighted to welcome you into the membership area and look forward to exchanging more ideas with you there.