How to Beat the Wind

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How to Beat the Wind when You use French Leaders or Tenkara

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I bet you’ve been put off from using French nymph tactics or tenkara on a windy day. You might even have avoided trying those methods altogether because your local rivers are usually very windy…

Would you be surprised to hear that, especially between spring and autumn, myself and John Pearson actively wish for wind on the river? 

How about the fact that we don’t much mind whether that wind is up/down or across stream? 

If all that makes you curious – or even if it sounds too good to be true – then check out our FREE countdown of the Top 5 methods to beat and even cheat the wind with these long rods/light line methods. 

You can start with the more conventional solutions first. 

But look out for the radical – and amazingly effective – top two tactics at the end of our countdown...