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Comprehensive Kebari Collection

Comprehensive Kebari Collection 

54 flies in 18 compartment presentation box 

The best collection of authentic Japanese kebari available.

 You won’t find any patterns copied from the internet or western patterns with reversed hackles here! This is an exquisite set of 66 kebari tied by John Pearson, composed entirely from patterns learned firsthand by John while travelling and studying tenkara in Japan. If you’ve followed our two kebari DVDs or the 418 page Discovering Kebari eBook you may recognise some of the patterns already.

This set contains authentic 54 Japanese kebari (all wet fly patterns). Supplied in an 18 compartment presentation box with each compartment containing 3 of each pattern. Most of the kebari are size 12 with a some patterns one size larger or smaller where appropriate to the original tyings. 

Kebari patterns often go unnamed in Japan so the names given here simply give reference to the style of dressing or sometimes the person who first showed John the pattern.

1. Ishigaki Kebari – Dr Ishigaki’s iconic pattern
2. Saito – based on a traditional pattern learned from Shōichi Saitō
3. Kura – a pattern tied by Kazuo Kurahashi on our Vol.3 DVD
4. Hirata – a simple pattern tied without a vice by Hirata san in our Vol. 2 DVD
5. Shimizu – based on a kebari given to us by Shimizu san in Itoshiro Japan
6. Otani – a kebari very loosely based on a pattern seen in Tadashi Otani’s fly box
7. Go’s Pinpoint Kebari – tied by Go Ishii in our Vol.2 DVD for pinpoint casting
8. Ajari’s Hot Head – tied by Kazumi Saigo (aka Ajari) in our Vol. 3 DVD
9. Stiff Hackle Yellow Kebari – influenced by, among others, Masami Sakakibara
10. Yellow & Peacock Weighted Honryu Kebari – a pattern used on larger Japanese rivers
11. Ishigaki Honryu Kebari – based on a pattern given to John by Dr Ishigaki
12. Ishigaki Secret Kebari – a weighted kebari used to great effect by Dr Ishigaki in the UK
13. Masami Sakasa Kebari – a tying in the style of one of Masami Sakakibara’s kebari
14. Go’s Condor Sakasa Kebari – tied by Go Ishii in our Vol. 3 DVD
15. Ishigaki Soft Hackle Kebari – a lesser known pattern from Dr Ishigaki; great for manipulation
16. Peacock Sakasa Kebari – influenced by a pattern collected while visiting Takayama in Japan
17. Himano Kebari – a tying by Makino san shown in our Vol.2 DVD
18. Yellow Sakasa Kebari – another pattern influenced by Masami Sakakibara