Karasu Launch: Pre-Order and Save

3 CommentsTuesday, 4 July 2017  |  PG

You have until August 11th 2017 to Pre-order from the very first, limited-run batch of Karasu rods...

For this special pre-order launch offer from DT, you will save £25 off the normal retail price AND you'll get free shipping in the UK and Europe).

Click on the "Buy Now" button to pre-order right now at your special launch price (discount already applied for you) in £GBP for UK and Europe...

(scroll down further for $USA and Rest of World Orders):


Choose Your Model Below:


If you're ordering from the USA or anywhere else outside of Europe, please Order in $USD on Chris Stewart's TenkaraBum site on this link:



Once the pre-order period closes, your rod(s) will be individually shipped to you with our compliments from August 14th 2017. Please check your order confirmation page for details on how to join the exclusive

"KARASU Owners' Club"


I look forward to sharing your Karasu experiences and photos there - and of course you'll get our exclusive tips, videos and bonus content too. Don't miss your chance to experience premium tenkara fishing while benefiting from the launch offer savings...


Very best wishes,

Paul and John

William Addison
Tuesday, 4 July 2017  |  16:47

John it was the 360 that you showed me on our guiding session together wasn't it - as I loved it's lightness?


Graham Stevens
Thursday, 13 July 2017  |  8:55

reading your spec regarding the Karasu rod you seem to indicate that not all Tenkara rods are built the same, not unusual, does that include the Tenkara Centre UK rods?

Paul Gaskell
Thursday, 13 July 2017  |  22:57

Hi Graham, the Tenkara Centre rods are made in China to a good standard - and like many companies' rods are a great route into the sport without breaking the bank. We also had some great DT special rods made through Tenkara Centre which cast and fish to a superb standard. The problem we had was the time needed for us to check the batch consistency on those higher spec rods, so while the rods were excellent when made correctly; that time demanded by pulling out any rods that were imperfect was restricting our ability to develop all our projects. That's why we've looked to a dedicated Japanese manufacturer in our quest to provide an outstanding Japanese fishing and casting experience for folks who are really onto their tenkara. Best wishes, Paul