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All Japanese Stiff Hackled Kebari Set

All Japanese Stiff Hackled Kebari Set
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All Japanese Stiff Hackled Kebari Set 

18 flies in 6 compartment magnetic box 

A selection of our favourite patterns from Japan tied by John Pearson. Each of the 6 patterns in this set is based on authentic Japanese tyings learned while travelling and studying tenkara in Japan that have brought us success both on home streams and abroad. 

These stiff hackled patterns are all designed to be fished as wet flies (even though they look very much like some western dry fly patterns). In our experience, stiff hackled kebari/wet fly patterns seem more popular amongst Japan’s tenkara anglers than the stereotypical soft hackled “sakasa” kebari (the reverse hackle flies).

This set contains 18 flies in a 6 compartment shirt pocket sized fly box. All flies are a size 12 in keeping with the original tyings. These patterns all fish very well whether dead drifted, sunk deep or manipulated at the surface (and they can even be fished as a dry fly if desired).

Kebari patterns often go unnamed in Japan so the names given here simply give reference to the person who first showed John the pattern.

Saito – based on a traditional pattern learned from Shōichi Saitō
Kura – a pattern tied by Kazuo Kurahashi on our Vol.3 DVD
Ishigaki Kebari – Dr Ishigaki’s iconic pattern
Hirata – a simple pattern tied without a vice by Hirata san in our Vol. 2 DVD
Shimizu – based on a kebari given to us by Shimizu san in Itoshiro Japan
Otani – a kebari very loosely based on a pattern seen in Tadashi Otani’s fly box


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